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Enermax is a renowned name that holds great significance for computer enthusiasts worldwide. During my formative years in the early 2000s, I vividly recall investing in a pair of 350W Enermax power supplies, as they were considered one of the leading brands in the market at the time. Remarkably, these power supplies lasted for nearly a decade, faithfully serving me until the day I retired the computers they powered due to obsolescence. While I have cherished personal memories of Enermax, it is surprising that I have never had the opportunity to review an Enermax product on ModSynergy. Today, however, marks the end of that absence as I eagerly present to you my analysis of the Enermax Ostrog ADV LED ATX Mid-Tower PC Case.

The Enermax Ostrog ADV LED ATX Mid-Tower PC Case represents a captivating addition to Enermax's current lineup. As a long-awaited review, this presents an intriguing opportunity to witness the evolution of Enermax over the years. By thoroughly examining the Ostrog ADV, we aim to delve into its cutting-edge features, superb craftsmanship, and the overall experience it offers to discerning PC enthusiasts. Let us embark on this journey together as we uncover the notable qualities that define the Enermax of today.

About Enermax


“ENERMAX Technology Corporation is a world-renowned PC Power Supply Unit manufacturer. Since our establishment in 1990, we provide power supply products and peripherals like chassis, cooler, fan and keyboard with excellent quality and have won recognitions of consumers around the world.

ENERMAX products are recommended by worldwide reviewers, and certain were granted by iF, Red Dot, Good Design and Taiwan Excellence Awards. Those are proven evidence of our top-notch quality and design competency recognized by the professionals.

To develop an intensive sales network and better service customers around the world, ENERMAX has set up branch offices in Germany, France, U.S.A., Japan and China. We also have service offices and distributors in countries across Europe, America, Asia and Oceania.

Our farsighted R & D capability is our key strength. The elite teams of ENERMAX always strive to come up with the best and most satisfactory PSU, thermal solution and peripheral products with cutting-edge design that meets the needs of the market and customers. We will stick to our R & D spirits of “Technology Innovation” and “Quality First” to constantly create products which transcend international standard and requirements to keep up on our product and brand value as well as competitive edge.”

Enermax Ostrog ADV Overview

Ostrog ADV, a mid-tower case, is featuring ENERMAX LIGHTING LED Technology. It is the world first computer chassis with LED light strips in the front and on the top panels of which lighting modes are also in sync with the 2 pre-installed ENERMAX Vegas fans. For those who pursue stunning gaming cases, Ostrog ADV is your LED lighting fortress.

Enermax Ostrog ADV Product Features

  • Exclusive ENERMAX LIGHTING LED Technology
  • ENERMAX Vegas lighting effects with 6 LED modes
  • Tool-less design for hassle-free installation

Ostrog ADVOstrog ADVOstrog ADV

First Impressions

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The Enermax Ostrog ADV sets itself apart right from the moment you lay eyes on its packaging. Gone are the days of plain brown boxes, as Enermax has opted for a higher quality, fully color corrugated box that reflects their commitment to presenting the Ostrog ADV as a standout product in their lineup. The attention to detail in the packaging design is evident, making it visually appealing and drawing immediate attention on store shelves, amidst a sea of ordinary cases.

One cannot help but appreciate the large, captivating images on the packaging, showcasing the three available colors of the Ostrog ADV. The LED light strip, which adorns the front fascia and top panel of the case, is prominently displayed, hinting at the striking visual experience it offers. Furthermore, Enermax's thoughtful inclusion of handles for easier transport is a practical touch that demonstrates their consideration for user convenience.

The Ostrog ADV's packaging serves as a testament to Enermax's dedication to delivering both aesthetic appeal and functionality, setting the stage for what lies within the box. Let us delve deeper into the features and attributes that make the Enermax Ostrog ADV an enticing choice for discerning PC enthusiasts.

Visual Overview (Exterior)

The Enermax Ostrog ADV boasts a spacious form factor, positioning itself on the larger end of the mid-tower spectrum. In comparison to recently reviewed cases such as the FSP CMT210 and Raidmax Alpha RGB Mid-Tower PC case, the Ostrog ADV surpasses them in overall size. However, it should be noted that the Ostrog ADV is slightly smaller in dimensions when compared to the impressively large Corsair 600T case.

The generous size of the Ostrog ADV provides several advantages, including ample room for component installation, efficient cable management, and improved airflow dynamics. This expanded interior capacity ensures compatibility with a wide range of hardware configurations, making it an ideal choice for those seeking versatility and flexibility in their PC builds.

By striking a balance between a mid-tower footprint and a more spacious design, the Enermax Ostrog ADV offers a compelling proposition for users who require enhanced functionality without venturing into the realm of full-tower cases. Let us explore further to uncover the Ostrog ADV's internal layout and the benefits it brings to the table.

The design language of the Enermax Ostrog ADV is undeniably geared towards gamers, as Enermax proudly labels it as their "LED Gaming Fortress." The Ostrog ADV distinguishes itself by being the world's first computer chassis to feature LED light strips on both the front and top panels. Notably, these lighting modes are synchronized with the two pre-installed ENERMAX Vegas LED fans, further enhancing the visual impact.

As we delve deeper into the review, we will have the opportunity to witness firsthand how these LED light strips and fan configurations combine to create a visually striking aesthetic. The presence of the LED light strips surrounding the front and top panels of the case offers a unique and attention-grabbing feature that sets the Ostrog ADV apart from its competitors.

The distinct styling of the Enermax Ostrog ADV, with its emphasis on LED lighting, caters specifically to gamers and enthusiasts seeking a visually immersive experience. Let us continue exploring the Ostrog ADV to gain a comprehensive understanding of its design elements and the overall impact they have on the final aesthetics of the case.

When it comes to cooling capabilities, the Enermax Ostrog ADV proves to be a standout performer, unlike the previously reviewed Raidmax Alpha RGB case, which prioritized aesthetics over optimal airflow. Unlike the restrictive front grille of the Raidmax Alpha RGB, the Ostrog ADV takes a different approach by incorporating an open mesh front and top grille. This design choice ensures minimal air restriction, allowing for efficient airflow throughout the chassis.

The mesh front and top grilles of the Ostrog ADV facilitate a mostly unobstructed passage of air into the case, preventing potential heat buildup and promoting effective cooling. Additionally, the presence of a slim foam filter behind these grilles helps to maintain clean airflow while filtering out dust and debris.

In terms of aesthetics, the Enermax Ostrog ADV offers three appealing color combinations: blue, green, and red. Each of these options features a distinctive two-tone paint scheme, further enhancing the visual appeal of the case. Whether you prefer a bold and vibrant look or a more subtle and sleek appearance, the Ostrog ADV provides a color variant to suit your personal taste.

While the Enermax Ostrog ADV may not feature an elaborate RGB lighting system, it caters to those who prefer a more understated aesthetic. Not everyone is drawn to the RGB scene, and that's perfectly fine. Instead of RGB, the Ostrog ADV incorporates Enermax's MaxBrite LED strips, which elegantly outline the front and top panels. Complementing these LED strips are the two pre-installed front ENERMAX Enerflo Vegas LED fans, which offer six unique LED modes, resulting in a captivating light show.

Furthermore, the Ostrog ADV comes equipped with an additional non-LED Enerflo 120mm fan, which is pre-installed at the rear as an exhaust fan. With this fan configuration and the MaxBrite LED strips, the Ostrog ADV proves to be more than capable of meeting the cooling demands of a gaming PC.

Although it may lack the flashy RGB lighting, the Enermax Ostrog ADV ensures that its cooling capabilities are more than sufficient.

In terms of measurements, the Enermax Ostrog ADV stands at 493 x 215 x 516mm (19.4" x 8.5" x 20.3"). This size places it on the larger end of the mid-tower PC case category. Due to its substantial dimensions, the Ostrog ADV offers ample interior space for accommodating various hardware components and facilitating efficient cable management.

Considering its size, it's worth noting that the Ostrog ADV carries a weight of almost 16 pounds (approximately 7.3 kilograms) without a power supply. This weight indicates that the case possesses a solid build quality and robust construction, ensuring durability and sturdiness.

The larger size and weight of the Enermax Ostrog ADV demonstrate its capacity to house high-performance components and provide ample room for customization, making it an ideal choice for users seeking versatility and expandability within a mid-tower form factor.

Ostrog ADV

The Enermax Ostrog ADV showcases noteworthy features that enhance its functionality and ease of maintenance. Let's take a closer look at these key features:

1. Quick-Release Metal Mesh Panels with Foam Filters: The Ostrog ADV is equipped with two quick-release metal mesh panels located at the front and top of the case. These panels not only provide excellent airflow but also come with foam filters that effectively trap dust and debris. This design allows for easy removal and cleaning, ensuring convenient system maintenance and optimal airflow within the case.

2. Large Removable Washable Mesh Filter at the Bottom: At the bottom of the case, the Ostrog ADV features a large, easily removable mesh filter. This filter covers a honeycomb pattern grille, which facilitates the smooth intake of fresh air. The washable mesh filter effectively prevents dust from entering the case while maintaining unobstructed airflow. Its removable nature simplifies cleaning, allowing users to keep their system running efficiently.

By incorporating these thoughtful design elements, the Enermax Ostrog ADV prioritizes airflow and ease of maintenance. These features ensure that the case remains dust-free and well-ventilated, providing an optimal environment for components, especially the power supply, to operate at their best.

The Enermax Ostrog ADV prioritizes effective cooling by offering ample support for case fans and liquid cooling solutions. Let's delve into its cooling capabilities in more detail:

1. Case Fans: The front of the case is equipped with two pre-installed 120mm case fans, delivering efficient airflow to cool the internal components. The rear of the case houses a single 120mm case fan, serving as an exhaust fan to expel hot air. Additionally, the bottom of the case provides space to accommodate an additional 120mm case fan, further enhancing system cooling.

2. Liquid Cooling Support: The Ostrog ADV is designed to support liquid cooling solutions for those seeking enhanced cooling performance. It can accommodate 280mm and 240mm sized radiators with a height clearance of up to 60mm at the front. This allows users to install larger liquid cooling systems for optimal CPU cooling. The rear of the case provides support for up to a 120mm radiator, providing flexibility for users who prefer rear-mounted liquid cooling solutions.

By offering a combination of case fans and liquid cooling support, the Enermax Ostrog ADV ensures efficient heat dissipation, making it suitable for high-performance gaming systems and overclocked configurations. As we continue our review, we will assess the cooling performance of the Ostrog ADV in real-world scenarios and evaluate its ability to maintain optimal temperatures for the components housed within.

The Enermax Ostrog ADV caters to the storage needs of users with multiple SSDs and HDDs, as well as those who require optical drives for Blu-Ray, DVD, and other accessories. Let's explore the storage options and ease of installation provided by the case:

1. SSD and HDD Capacity: The Ostrog ADV offers six semi tool-less drive cages dedicated to housing SSDs and HDDs. These cages provide convenient storage solutions, allowing users to install and secure up to six drives without the need for additional tools. This flexibility enables efficient organization and expansion of storage capacity to suit individual requirements.

2. Optical Drive Support: For users who still rely on optical drives for various purposes, the Ostrog ADV provides three drive bays to accommodate Blu-Ray drives, DVD drives, and other accessories. This allows for easy integration of optical drives into the system configuration.

It's worth noting that if you have aesthetically pleasing SSDs or HDDs that you wish to showcase, they will be tucked away in the drive cages. However, the semi tool-less design ensures hassle-free installation and removal when needed.

The 5.25" front drive panels of the Ostrog ADV can be effortlessly removed by simply pinching and pulling them out. These drive panels are equipped with foam dust filters, serving as an additional layer of protection to prevent dust accumulation and maintain clean airflow.

The Enermax Ostrog ADV caters to the needs of users with multiple GPUs and add-on cards, offering ample expansion slots for their configurations. With a total of seven expansion slots, the case provides sufficient room for dual or even triple GPU setups. Additionally, the presence of a clear side window allows users to showcase the beauty of their new GPUs, providing a visually appealing element to the overall build.

In terms of compatibility, the Ostrog ADV supports graphics cards with a maximum length of 414mm (16.3"). This ensures compatibility with most high-end and enthusiast-grade graphics cards, allowing users to utilize powerful GPUs without constraints.

For users who prefer air cooling solutions, the Ostrog ADV offers ample space to accommodate CPU coolers with a maximum height of 174mm (6.9"). This height clearance allows for the installation of robust and high-performance air coolers, ensuring effective heat dissipation and reliable CPU cooling.

Whether you opt for multiple GPUs or prefer air cooling, the Enermax Ostrog ADV provides the necessary space and compatibility to accommodate your hardware choices.

The Enermax Ostrog ADV is equipped with a convenient top panel I/O interface that offers a wide range of connectivity options and controls. This interface includes:

1. USB Ports: The case provides two USB 3.0 ports, allowing for fast data transfer and convenient connectivity of compatible devices. Additionally, there are two USB 2.0 ports for connecting additional peripherals.

2. Audio Jacks: The Ostrog ADV features separate HD headphone and microphone jacks, providing easy access for connecting audio devices and enabling seamless communication.

3. MaxBrite LED Control: The case includes a dedicated button for controlling the MaxBrite LED strip, allowing users to toggle between on, cycling, and off modes to customize the lighting effects to their preference.

4. Reset and Power Buttons: The reset button allows for quick system restarts, while the power button provides easy access to powering the system on or off.

5. Power and HDD Indicator Lights: The Ostrog ADV features indicator lights that provide visual feedback for power status and HDD activity, keeping users informed about system operations.

6. Case Fan Speed Controller: The case is equipped with a multiple case fan speed controller, offering options for adjusting the fan speed to low, medium, or high settings. This allows users to fine-tune the cooling performance and noise levels based on their specific requirements.

These comprehensive top panel controls and connectivity options make the Enermax Ostrog ADV a convenient and user-friendly choice. With its abundant features and competitive pricing, the case offers great value for the money.

The Enermax Ostrog ADV features a clear side panel that provides users with a clear view of the internal components of their system. Unlike some cases that come with a tinted smoky black side panel, the Ostrog ADV prioritizes visibility by utilizing a transparent panel.

The absence of tinting or a smoky black color allows for unobstructed viewing of the system's components and the lighting effects. This clear side panel enables users to showcase their system configuration, including the vibrant LED lighting and intricate details of their hardware.

Compared to cases with tinted side panels, the Ostrog ADV ensures that the LED lighting shines through without being subdued or blocked, resulting in a more immersive visual experience. The clear view provided by the side panel enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the system and allows users to appreciate the beauty of their components and lighting setup.

Whether you prefer a more vibrant and unobstructed view of your system or you simply enjoy admiring the intricacies of your hardware, the clear side panel of the Enermax Ostrog ADV caters to these preferences, providing an enhanced visual showcase of your system's internals.

MaxBrite LED and VEGAS LED Fan Light Show Demo


Visual Overview (Interior) & System Build Thoughts

The Enermax Ostrog ADV stands out with its unique and visually appealing two-tone paint scheme. This design choice sets it apart from other cases on the market and adds a touch of greatness to its overall aesthetic. In this review, the red version of the Ostrog ADV is showcased, and it is described as looking fantastic.

One of the highlights of the Ostrog ADV is the ability to choose from different color options, including blue, green, and red. While the exterior of the case remains black, the interior elements such as the motherboard tray, expansion bay covers, and LED light strips on the front and top panels can be customized to match the chosen color scheme. This customization option allows users to personalize their build and create a visually striking system that aligns with their preferred color theme.

The contrasting colors between the exterior and interior components of the Ostrog ADV add depth and visual interest to the case, enhancing its overall appeal. Whether you opt for the bold red, vibrant blue, or energetic green, the two-tone paint scheme of the Ostrog ADV adds a touch of uniqueness and individuality to your build.

By offering a choice of colors, the Enermax Ostrog ADV allows users to showcase their personal style and create a visually stunning PC system. The attention to detail in the paint scheme further enhances the overall aesthetics, making the Ostrog ADV an attractive choice for those seeking a visually appealing case.

The Enermax Ostrog ADV showcases a standout feature in its MaxBrite LED lighting strip system. This unique lighting system encompasses the outer frame of the front fascia and the top panel, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the case. The LED light strips are accompanied by a convenient switch located on the top of the case, allowing users to control the lighting effects.

The lighting modes of the Ostrog ADV's LED system work in synchronization with the two pre-installed ENERMAX Vegas 120mm LED fans, creating a cohesive and visually stunning lighting display. The combination of the LED light strips and the fans produces a captivating visual experience.

The Ostrog ADV offers a variety of lighting mode effects that can be cycled through using the switch. These modes include all-on, dimmed, flash, sparkle, Vegas, and off, providing users with options to suit their preferred ambiance and lighting preferences. Whether you prefer a subtle and relaxed lighting effect or a vibrant and dynamic display, the Ostrog ADV's lighting system delivers a beautiful visual impact.

The attention to detail in the lighting design enhances the overall aesthetics of the case, contributing to a visually appealing PC setup. The ability to control and customize the lighting effects adds an element of personalization, allowing users to create their desired lighting atmosphere.

In summary, the MaxBrite LED lighting strip system featured in the Enermax Ostrog ADV, along with the synchronized LED fans, offers a beautiful and customizable lighting experience. Its various lighting modes and seamless integration with the case's design make it a standout feature that elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of the Ostrog ADV.

The impressive brightness and uniformity of the MaxBrite LED light strips in the Enermax Ostrog ADV are worth highlighting. Enermax has made a commendable decision to install high-quality and exceptionally bright LEDs in the case, rather than compromising on the LED lighting. This attention to detail enhances the overall lighting performance and ensures that the areas surrounding the case are effectively illuminated.

One notable aspect of the Ostrog ADV's LED light strips is their remarkable uniformity. The lighting is consistent and evenly distributed across the entire frame, without any noticeable dimming or dead spots. This uniformity creates a visually pleasing and seamless lighting effect that adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the case.

The brightness and smooth distribution of the LED light strips contribute to an immersive lighting experience, allowing users to showcase their system and components with enhanced visibility and clarity. Whether it's highlighting the interior hardware or adding a touch of visual flair to the external appearance, the MaxBrite LED light strips in the Ostrog ADV deliver a striking and impressive performance.

By investing in high-quality LEDs and ensuring uniformity in their placement, Enermax has demonstrated a commitment to providing users with a top-notch lighting experience. The bright and consistent illumination of the MaxBrite LED light strips further enhances the appeal of the Ostrog ADV, elevating it as a standout choice for those who value exceptional lighting quality in their PC setup.

Ostrog ADV

When it comes to the paint quality of the Enermax Ostrog ADV, it's important to examine both the interior and exterior finishes. Starting with the interior, the powder coating demonstrates excellent craftsmanship, with a high-quality finish and a good thickness that ensures durability over time. This attention to detail in the interior paintwork contributes to the overall longevity and aesthetic appeal of the case.

However, I also came across a couple of small defects on the exterior. The first issue was a speck of paint overspray or a piece of metal that wasn't properly sanded off during the paint preparation process. While this defect is relatively minor, it does indicate a slight inconsistency in the painting process.

The second defect was observed on the front metal grille, which had a noticeable chip. Although unfortunate, it's worth noting that these defects may be isolated incidents and not reflective of the overall quality of the product. Nonetheless, it's important to mention these issues to provide a comprehensive review.

It's worth mentioning that defects on the side panel are more noticeable compared to the chip on the metal grille, potentially impacting the overall aesthetics of the case.

While the majority of the paintwork on the Enermax Ostrog ADV is of high quality, it's essential to acknowledge these minor defects. These instances of imperfect paintwork should be taken into consideration when evaluating the overall finish and attention to detail of the case.

Overall, the interior paint quality of the Ostrog ADV is commendable, but the presence of these defects on the exterior highlights the need for further improvement in the painting process to ensure a consistently flawless finish.

The metal side panels of the Enermax Ostrog ADV are notable for their sturdy construction and substantial weight. Unlike flimsy panels that may feel cheap or lack durability, these side panels provide a reassuring sense of solidity and quality.

A noteworthy addition that enhances the user experience is the inclusion of plastic handles at the ends of the side panels. This thoughtful design choice by Enermax allows for easy removal and installation of the panels. These handles not only provide a convenient grip for handling the panels but also contribute to the overall user-friendly nature of the case. This attention to detail and added convenience demonstrates Enermax's commitment to enhancing the usability and accessibility of the Ostrog ADV.

By incorporating these plastic handles, Enermax has taken a step beyond basic functionality, adding a touch of convenience and ease-of-use to the case. This small but thoughtful feature further enhances the overall user experience, making it simpler and more enjoyable to access and work inside the case when necessary.

In summary, the metal side panels of the Enermax Ostrog ADV exhibit a sturdy build and substantial weight, instilling confidence in their durability. The inclusion of plastic handles at the ends of the panels not only adds to their robustness but also facilitates easy removal and installation. This attention to detail and user-centric design contribute to the overall appeal and usability of the case, making it a standout choice for enthusiasts seeking both quality and convenience.

Upon examining the interior layout of the Enermax Ostrog ADV, it becomes apparent that the case offers ample space and a well-organized configuration for system components. The logical division of the internal compartments ensures efficient utilization of space and facilitates easy installation and maintenance.

One notable aspect of the interior design is the flexibility provided by the removable HDD cages. This feature allows users to customize the airflow within the case by removing unnecessary cages, thereby optimizing cooling performance. This is particularly beneficial for those who do not require all of the available HDD slots.

However, it is worth mentioning that the placement of the SSDs within the HDD cages may not be ideal for those looking to showcase their fancy SSDs through the side panel. Due to their positioning, the SSDs may not be easily visible or showcased to their full potential. This could be a limitation for users who value the aesthetic presentation of their components.

While the overall interior layout of the Ostrog ADV is spacious and well-structured, the positioning of the SSDs within the HDD cages may be a trade-off between functionality and aesthetics. Users who prioritize airflow and HDD storage capacity may find the removable cages advantageous, while those looking to showcase their SSDs may need to explore alternative mounting options.

The Enermax Ostrog ADV provides a logical and well-organized interior layout with sufficient space for system components. The removable HDD cages offer flexibility in terms of airflow optimization, although the placement of SSDs within the cages may limit their visibility for users seeking to showcase their fancy SSDs.

The Enermax Ostrog ADV features a well-designed and spacious CPU heatsink motherboard cutout, which allows for convenient CPU cooler changes without the need to remove the entire motherboard from the case. This thoughtful feature is a significant advantage for users who may want to upgrade or replace their CPU cooler in the future.

By providing a large cutout specifically designed for easy access to the CPU heatsink area, Enermax has considered the convenience and practicality of the end-user. This design choice eliminates the hassle and time-consuming process of disassembling the entire motherboard when making changes to the CPU cooler.

The presence of the CPU heatsink motherboard cutout demonstrates Enermax's commitment to user-friendly features and enhances the overall ease of maintenance and upgradeability of the Ostrog ADV. Whether it's installing a larger or more efficient CPU cooler or simply making adjustments, users can appreciate the convenience of accessing the CPU area without the need for extensive disassembly.

The Enermax Ostrog ADV offers flexible system cooling options with its included fan speed controller. The fans can be connected to this controller, allowing users to adjust the fan speed according to their preference and cooling requirements. The controller provides three speed settings: 1500 RPM, 1200 RPM, and 900 RPM.

By having the ability to control the fan speed, users can strike a balance between cooling performance and noise levels. Higher RPM settings can provide increased airflow and cooling capacity, which is particularly beneficial during intense gaming sessions or resource-intensive tasks. On the other hand, lower RPM settings can help reduce noise levels for a quieter computing experience, which is desirable in environments where noise is a concern.

One aspect to consider with the Enermax Ostrog ADV is the cabling situation within the case, particularly due to the abundance of features located in the top panel I/O interface. The various cables that extend from the top of the case and run downward can result in a somewhat messy appearance, resembling a "spaghetti mess" of wires. It would have been beneficial if Enermax had implemented a more efficient solution to organize and tidy up these cables, such as incorporating a mesh system or other cable management options.

While there may be limited space available for cable routing within the case, one possible approach could involve hiding the cables in the back panel to minimize their visibility. However, it is worth noting that the cables also traverse in front of the HDD cage area, which can contribute to the overall messy appearance.

Enhancing cable management and addressing the visual clutter caused by the cabling arrangement is an area where Enermax could potentially improve the design of the Ostrog ADV. Implementing better cable management features, such as strategically placed cable routing channels, grommets, or Velcro straps, could offer users more options for organizing and concealing the cables effectively.

The Enermax Ostrog ADV features a motherboard tray with three main holes that are covered by rubber grommets. These strategically placed holes provide convenient cable routing options, allowing users to effectively route cables out of the way. By utilizing these grommet-covered holes, users can achieve cleaner cable management, resulting in a more organized and visually appealing system presentation.

The rubber grommets serve a dual purpose: they protect the cables from abrasion against sharp edges and provide a clean and professional look to the cable routing. The grommets act as a barrier between the cables and the sharp edges of the holes, preventing potential damage to the cables over time. Additionally, they provide a neat and finished appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the system.

With the presence of these rubber-grommeted cable routing holes on the motherboard tray, users can easily route and conceal cables, reducing clutter and achieving a cleaner overall system presentation. This feature not only improves the visual appeal of the build but also aids in maintaining better airflow within the case, which is crucial for efficient cooling performance.

The Enermax Ostrog ADV follows a traditional approach with its power supply compartment, featuring an open concept design without any dedicated metal power supply shrouds to cover the power supply unit. Unlike some other PC cases that incorporate shrouds to create a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing appearance, Enermax has chosen to maintain a more traditional style for this aspect of the case.

Located in front of the power supply area, there is an option to install a single 120mm case fan. This fan can be utilized to blow cool air towards the GPU area, providing additional cooling support. This feature is noteworthy as it offers an extra cooling option specifically targeted towards the GPU, which can contribute to better thermal management for graphics-intensive applications. It's a commendable inclusion by Enermax, as increased GPU cooling is always beneficial, especially for users looking to optimize their system's performance and reliability.

When it comes to building inside the Enermax Ostrog ADV, the experience is mostly pleasant. While the installation of SSDs in the HDD cage still requires screws and a screwdriver, the overall process is relatively smooth and straightforward. The case provides ample room for assembling a powerful machine, allowing for easy installation of various components.

While the building experience is generally positive, there are a few small nitpicks worth mentioning. These minor issues may vary depending on personal preferences and requirements. However, it's important to highlight them for a comprehensive review. By addressing these nitpicks, Enermax could further enhance the user experience and overall satisfaction.

Despite these minor concerns, the Enermax Ostrog ADV offers a spacious and well-designed interior that facilitates the building process. It ensures that users have sufficient room to work with and can comfortably install their desired components. With attention to these small details, Enermax can further refine the case and provide an even more enjoyable building experience for users.

Where Can I Buy One?  And For How Much?

The Enermax Ostrog ADV is available in various colors on Amazon.com. One notable deal worth mentioning is the bundle offer for the blue version of the Ostrog ADV, which includes an Enermax Revolution DUO 700W 80 PLUS GOLD power supply for just $119.99. Considering that the power supply alone typically costs around $100, this bundle provides excellent value for money, essentially making the power supply almost free.

Below are the prices for all versions of the Enermax Ostrog ADV currently available on Amazon USA, with most items being sold and shipped directly by Amazon:

Why do I like Amazon?  They are fast, honest, reliable, and their return policy is great.  I actually got money refunded back to my account, a few times already, after Amazon initially overcharged me on duty costs. Talk about being an honest company.  Most others would keep the money and not say anything!

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The Enermax Ostrog ADV is undoubtedly an impressive PC chassis that offers a range of desirable features and exceptional cooling capabilities. With its fan speed controller, USB 3.0 ports, MaxBrite LED light strips, and VEGAS LED fans that synchronize with the lighting effects, it surpasses many competing PC cases in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

If you have the opportunity to take advantage of the current deal on Amazon, where you can get the Ostrog ADV Blue bundled with the Enermax Revolution DUO 700W 80 PLUS GOLD power supply for just $119.99, it represents outstanding value for money. We highly recommend considering this offer as it provides an excellent package at an affordable price.