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Verbatim Store 'n' Save 1TB SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive Review @

"Today I get to share with you regarding Verbatim's latest line of Store 'n' Save External Desktop Hard Drives.  The product number I'm testing is 97579, the capacity is 1TB, and the warranty is an industry-leading 7-years.  You'll get to see whether or not they are worth your hard earned money and get to see how fast they are utilizing the faster USB 3.0 interface.  Enjoy the review."


Verbatim Hard Drive

OtterBox Preserver Series Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review @

"In our last protective case review, we tested the Defender Series case for the HTC 8X Windows Phone and came away very impressed because it did everything it said it would do very well. Today we are going to look at another OtterBox offering, the OtterBox Preserver Series case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. This Preserver Series case aims to be the ultimate protection for your Smartphone as it's waterproof up to 2 m or 6.6 feet deep for up to 30 minutes, along with many other protection features OtterBox is known for. Without further ado let's see what this $89.95 MSRP protective case can do."




OtterBox Preserver

LOGiiX Blue Piston Chamber Bluetooth NFC Speaker Review @

"LOGiiX is one of those newer mobile accessories makers based out of lovely Canada, that is on the hunt for your hard earned money.  According to their website, LOGiiX makes well-crafted, carefully designed mobile accessories that are meant to perform, attract and impress.

The other day I looked at the super impressive little brother Blue Piston.  Today I am given the opportunity to share with you about the bigger brother, the Blue Piston Chamber."


NFC Bluetooth Speaker

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Today I try out the Verbatim 1TB Store 'n' Save SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive!  Read on to see if its fast, and if its worth your money! 


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Patriot Memory
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Verbatim Store 'n' Save 1TB SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive Review @

"Today I get to share with you regarding Verbatim's latest line of Store 'n' Save External Desktop Hard Drives.  The product number I'm testing is 97579, the capacity is 1TB, and the warranty is an industry-leading 7-years.  You'll get to see whether or not they are worth your hard earned money and get to see how fast they are utilizing the faster USB 3.0 interface.  Enjoy the review."





Samsung 845DC PRO Enterprise SSD Review @ TweakTown

"Samsung's 845DC PRO wields the power of 3D V-NAND, as they continue to expand their branded SSD portfolio. Read on as Paul tells us about this unique SSD."

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Corsair RM Series 1000 W @ techPowerUp

"Corsair's RM series includes some of the quietest PSUs available on the market. Today, we take a detailed look at the strongest member of this series, the RM1000. It promises good performance and ultra-silent operation, a rare feature for a 1 kW unit."

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Tt eSPORTS THERON Gaming Mouse Review @ Legit Reviews

"True to its name, Tt eSPORTS has backed some of the biggest professional gamers, teams, and personalities in eSports including White-Ra (Starcraft II) and Team DK (DOTA 2.) The mouse we’re looking at today has a little history going for it being released back in 2012. The Tt eSPORTS Theron is designed as a real-time strategy gaming mouse having been designed in partnership with Ball or TtApolloBall, a long-time professional Starcraft II player from Taiwan. Ball retired from pro gaming earlier in Febuary 2014."

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Corsair HX750i Power Supply Review @

"Corsair has become known as a quality supplier of quite a few different products over the past few years, one of those being power supplies. Power Supplies have become a big part of their business and their professional HX series has been out for the past few years, being updated every so often. Just recently Corsair updated the line with the HXi series giving the units an 80PLUS Platinum certification, which means the unit will be 89% efficient at 100% load and 92% efficient at 50% load. The HXi series units also feature a fully modular design so you only use the cables that you need, have a Zero RPM mode which means the cooling fan will only spin up during high load and HXi series is Corsair Link ready so you can monitor and log fan speed, voltages, efficiency and more. Will this be the perfect power supply for your next build? Read on as we find out."

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Aerocool DS200 Review @ Vortez

“As part of the Dead Silence Series, DS200 has its focus around elegance, minimalism and of course, silence. All of this mid-tower’s panels are closed off to prevent noise from leaking out of the chassis and Aerocool has furnished the insides of the side panels with noise damping material to further aid this pursuit."

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Gigabyte J1900N-D3V Review @ KitGuru

"The Gigabyte J1900N-D3V is more than a simple motherboard as it replaces the usual chipset and CPU socket with an Intel Celeron J1900 SoC (System on Chip). Add some RAM, storage and a power source and you have the basis for a compact PC which is pretty good going for a price tag around the £65 mark. Other important points are that J1900N-D3V uses the Mini-ITX form factor and the Celeron chip is passively cooled which means that your new PC will be both small and quiet. "

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bequiet! Shadow Rock Slim Heatsink Review @ Hardware Asylum

"The interesting thing about the Shadow Rock Slim is that despite the decision to leave the metal raw and untreated they did spent some time making the cooler look good."

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Silicon Power Slim S70 240GB SSD Review @ NikKTech

"Although we see new products get launched all the time that doesn't mean that we have to discard old ones and the best possible example i can come up with are cars since i bet there's at least 1 really old car that each and every single one of us likes. So cars like the Pontiac Trans-Am (1982 model) which made its debut appearance in the Knight Rider as K.I.T.T, the Lamborghini Diablo (1991 model), the Ferrari Testarossa (1985 model) or even the Dodge Viper RT/10 (1994 model) which started in another series (called Viper, surprised?) may not have the assortment of electronics and comforts most cars now come with in their standard versions but these are cars that many people would give everything they have to own. Well the same partially applies to electronics and PC hardware as well and so although we've tested many of the latest SSD models to hit the market we decided to take one step backwards and test the Slim S70 240GB SSD model launched by Silicon Power roughly two years ago."

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Plextor M6 Pro SSD Review at HardwareHeaven

"The Plextor M6 Pro SSD replaces the M5 series at the top end of their product range and today we have one to review."

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CM HAF Stacker 935 Mod-Tower Case Review: Part 2 @ PCPerspective

"The HAF Stacker 935 case can easily house a full-size ATX gaming system with multiple VGA cards and advanced cooling. The Stacker Series cases are all water-cooling friendly with numerous options to meet your personal taste. While a giant Modular-Tower case may not appeal to everyone, if you are looking for an extra large case with virtually unlimited expansion and storage room, then the HAF Stacker Series deserves a close look."

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Transcend SSD370 128GB SSD @ PureOverclock

"Today we have the Transcend SSD370 in a 128GB capacity for a closer look. That’s not a terribly flashy name for a drive, but we care less about the marketing and more bang for our buck. How about a measly $70 for this SSD, which also includes a rather impressive accessory package?  If you’re looking for a very affordable speed upgrade for a notebook or HTPC with a slim form factor SSD, the Transcend SSD370 128GB might be just the thing you need. Let’s dive in and find out.”

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ASUS H97-PRO GAMER Motherboard @ Hardware Secrets

"The ASUS H97-PRO GAMER is a mid-range socket LGA1150 motherboard based on the new Intel H97 chipset, supporting the fourth and the forthcoming fifth generation Core i processors. It brings high-end audio codec, six SATA-600 ports (allowing one SATA Express connection), and six USB 3.0 ports. Let's take a good look at it."

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XTracGear Ripper Mousing Surface Review @ APH Networks

"Description: Will the XTracGear Ripper be that sleek, smaller but reliable mousepad, or will it be the bigger and more comfortable alternative? We took in this cloth pad for a test spin."

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CRYORIG R1 Universal CPU Cooler Review @ Madshrimps

"CRYORIG launches onto the CPU cooler market with a bang. Their R1 cooler is build to cool down the hottest of CPU out there, weighing over 1000 gram and equipped with 2x140mm fans this product means business, let's see how it does!"

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[Tech ARP] BIOS Option Of The Week - Boot To OS/2

"Older versions of IBM's OS/2 operating system use the BIOS function Int15 [AX=E801] to detect the size of installed system memory. Microsoft Windows, on the other hand, uses the BIOS function Int15 [EAX=0000E820].

However, the Int15 [AX=E801] function was later scrapped as not ACPI-compliant. As a result, OS/2 cannot detect the correct size of system memory if more than 64 MB of memory is installed. Microsoft Windows isn't affected because the BIOS function it uses is ACPI-compliant.

This BIOS feature is designed to correct the memory size detection problem for OS/2 systems that have..."

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