Wahoo Computers ATX Chilli Pro Aluminum Computer Case Review


Looking for a strong case? Looking for a compact case that looks good and is worth your hard earned money? Well continue reading on this Chilli Pro case that we are looking at and see if it might be just that case you want, or maybe not…

The Chilli Pro is offered through Wahoo Computers. It comes in two colors that include Gunmetal gray and anodized silver. The Chilli Pro has great packaging.  The product is within two boxes and that has two big blocks of corrugated cardboards protecting the top and the bottom of the Chilli Pro.


  • Beautiful bright anodized surface
  • High quality aluminum alloy construction
  • Tiny footprint (Dimensions: 7” Wide x 15.5” High x 10.5” Deep)
  • Sliding cover to hide drives
  • Ultra bright blue power LED
  • ATX Form Factor (Full Size Motherboard Max 12" x 9.7")
  • One 5.25" External Drive Bay
  • Two 3.5" External Drive Bays
  • Two 3.5" Internal HDD Bays
  • Unconditional 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Insured FedEx Ground Delivery in Continental USA
  • Wahoo's 1-Year Enhanced Warranty

The case measures a small footprint of only 7” Wide x 15.5” High x 10.5” Deep.  The Chilli Pro case supports one 5.25" bay and two floppy sized bays.  Other than supporting ATX, the Chilli Pro case supports also mATX (micro ATX).

What is included as the bundle of the case are some IDE cables, power cables, Allen Wrench, PCI slot covers, and some other drive pieces.

Laying out the Chilli Pro will reveal the great construction of the case. The Chilli Pro case is constructed out of thick 4mm aluminum, which translates the case into being heavy for its size. The Chilli Pro is very sturdy and will not dent.

The front of the Chilli Pro case has the power button, and the LED's that line up to its specific use.

The rear of the Chilli Pro features a big 92mm exhaust slot but you will have to provide your own fan. This 92mm exhaust fan is basically your airflow and lack thereof. There is no airflow at all in this, which causes great concerns for high performance PC setups. The rear is made of aluminum and you begin to see the problems of the Chilli Pro case immediately. What’s up with the ATX I/O Shield back plate? Um…it’s integrated and there is no way you can use your I/O shield. It is beyond me why the company chose to do this and this pretty much limits anyone without this type of motherboard layout.

The Chilli Pro case extends the thick aluminum trend with the side panels. You see those screws around the case? Umm…they are hexagonal and require the Allen wrench that is included to take them out. This is getting ridiculous. You need to take out 8 screws per panel to access the inside and that takes quite a bit of time.

Other images w/caption

Front bay cover piece

The inside

The bottom and their "rubber" feet that like to slip and slide

Thickness of the AL

Using the Chilli Pro case

The Chilli Pro case has an awkward looking layout when you open it up. There are no instructions so you will be left confused and experimenting where everything goes. The layout is a upside down layout also.  Houston, we have a problem. I can’t use this case. My motherboard layout does not fit this integrated I/O shield of the Chilli Pro case.

Also if it actually did fit, I can see quite a bit of problems. Some of the possible problems include….

1. Power supply is too close to the CPU’s heatsink/fan combo. Requires you to have a low-profile CPU cooler, which limits you to sucky temperatures.
2. Blocks out some DIMM slots because of this drive bay.
3. Power supply will hinder cooling and goes in hand with number 1. My PSU didn’t fit, as my CPU’s heatsink/fan combo was too tall.
4. Many other problems.

My PSU wont fit and its sitting on top the HSF unit.

It doesn't fit

My 2nd and 3rd DIMM slots are blocked by this annoying positioned bay.


The Chilli Pro case offered through Wahoo Computers is not a case that I’d like to have. I’m not speaking for all of you but I think you don’t either. Even if your motherboard fits, you will literally have different problems to deal with.
Even the small things aren’t right such as the sliding rubber feet and the plastic base. This whole case is a disaster. Stay away. Literally.

I rate the Wahoo Computers Chilli Pro ATX Case a…


Pros and Cons

+ Looks awesome
+ Construction
- Virtually no cooling
- Hosts of problems
- LED’s and power switch are unlabeled
- Rubber feet slide.
- Problems, problems and more problems + price of $189.99U.S.

I want to thank Wahoo Computers for letting me tell you about this case.

UPDATE: Wahoo Computers has informed me that they can mod the back I/O plate to accomodate any motherboard.  Should have told me before hand but it's a start.  But then all the possible problems....


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