Thermaltake VM2000A Xaser Lanfire Series Mid Tower AL Case Review


Thermaltake has taken the leadership by case manufactures by entering the LAN Party. We are of course talking about Thermaltake’s portray in luring LAN goers to purchase their new case for their needs. We all know LAN parties are about get up and go style but sometimes carrying a case to one can be very difficult. It’s basically the weight of the case holding you back. Today we look at the VM2000A on Thermaltake’s Lanfire Series of cases. This Mid-Tower could be the case for the LAN person.


Nice box

Thermaltake has excellent box art packaging and that is shown through this case’s box. The box is literally filled with pictures, features and information to read. Protecting this case is the usual Styrofoam that protects the top and bottom of the VM2000A. You notice that the box is really light and for that case, the VM2000A is also. The Thermaltake VM2000A Lanfire Series Xaser Case weighs only 8.8 pounds. LAN people will be happy to hear this. This Aluminum case measures at a footprint of H440xW180xD460mm and has many features.

Money shot

Laying out the Thermaltake VM2000A will reveal the Mid Tower being very attractive to some and not for some. I personally like the style the Thermaltake VM2000A brings.

The front of the Thermaltake VM2000A includes a four fan, fan controller that has a blue backlit light and is capable of monitoring one temperature source with an alarm. With the Thermaltake VM2000A, you have the capability of keeping out intruders by locking the front door of the system. The keys are provided in the bundle that includes a manual that is easy to read and helps you to get the case up and running, mounting screws, and some cables. The Thermaltake VM2000A allows you to have two more 5.25” drives and two 3.25” drives. That is enough room for a DVD drive and a Burner. The red accent follows through to the bottom of the case where you have your front connections of two USB ports and one FireWire port. I like the fact that the USB wires are bundled together and not within separate wires as it would take too long for the LANer to connect these together. Lastly we have the funky looking EL Fireball. This Fireball image will depict being fire as soon as we connect it up.  Lastly the bay covers are easy to remove because of the finger design grip.  Just grab hold and pull out to remove the cover.

The door is opened and shows the drive bays and their covers


The rear of the case with the big 92mm

The rear of the Thermaltake VM2000A includes a big 92mm fan. This increases the rate of airflow and at a lower noise level than a 80mm can do. However the stamped fan grill impedes some airflow. The PCI Extension slots have reusable slot covers, which is nice to see. There are for some reason no thumbscrews at the rear for allowing the case to be opened easier than taking out a screwdriver.

The side panel with the plastic still on the other side. Notice the TT logo printed on

The Thermaltake VM2000A spells cooling as the side window also features the same 92mm fan and is covered with a speaker type grill (impedes air though). The side panels of this case are easy to remove and vice versa as they are really light but strong.

The right side of the case and the cases' feet

Inside goodness; everything is ready to go

Going inside the Thermaltake VM2000A shows good room to install a system. There is no PSU included with this case but the Thermaltake VM2000A can be purchased with a Thermaltake designed Silent PurePower power supply. Looking at the top rail will hold thumbscrews. These thumbscrews are included for you to easily connect drives into their respective places and use the thumbscrews to tighten them. This is a great addition and allows you to save time.

Loomed fan connectors and the HDD cage

Inside the case has two more fans included bringing the total fans included to four. The two new fans are located in the front and behind the hard drive cage. These are 80mm quiet fans. The one behind the hard drive cage allows hot air from the hard drive and the case to exit through the right side panel.

Everything in this case is pre-assembled and ready to go. Everything connects to the hard drive such as the EL Fireball. Thermaltake has taken the liberty of keeping the case tidy by looming the fan connectors and other wires.

The VM2000A has EMI Shielding around the case.

Ohhhhh...PCI clip

We have yet another feature that will help you save time. A screw-less card clipper with EMI shielded. You basically take off the clipper by lifting the green part up and installing your video card, and PCI products then clip them back and you’re done installing them. No screws, no fuss.

The four added fans in this case produce small noise and are relatively quiet. This is obviously a good thing, as it doesn’t sound like a jet engine.

I had no problems installing a system in this case and there is still good room to use around the case. There are no sharp edges that I came across and everything in the case is connect and go. There is so much added value in the Thermaltake VM2000A case.

Other pictures with caption

The bundle of screws, door key, thermal tape for probe and the fan monitoring cable that I cut off in this picture: (

The four fan rheobus

The EL Fireball and manuals...

Door closed, door opened...

Easy connections to make for the USB ports


If you constantly go to LAN but want to go in style while having a case that is easy to carry, then this case is for you. Thermaltake even has a Thermaltake Xaser Bag, which allows you to carry your computer to a LAN event like wearing a backpack.

I rate the Thermaltake VM2000A Xaser Lanfire Series Mid Tower AL Case a…


+ Good Space for a Mid Tower
+ Nifty Features
+ Thumbscrews
+ Value such as fans included…
- Stamped fan grills
- No thumbscrews for back of the panel

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