JetArt JAK802A Socket 754 HSF Review


Well the AMD Athlon 64 processors have been released for a couple of months now and there are a couple of cooling companies that have jumped on the cooling bandwagon for the AMD Athlon 64 line of processors. Still there is not as many as say the Athlon XP line of processors. Some big name cooling companies are still producing their heatsinks for this platform. One of those companies is JetArt based out of Taiwan and JetArt has been in the industry since 1989. Today we review the JAK802A offering for the Socket 754 AMD Athlon 64/Opteron line of processors.

About JetArt

The JetArt JAK802A Socket 754 HSF we are looking at today is a final product of what you should expect out of the heatsink/fan combination but not in it’s final retail box. Since this is not the final retail box set, it came in some bubble wrapping with only the required screws to complete the install.


  • Out Line Dimension: 83.0*70.0*74.0 (mm)
  • Total Weight: 420 g
  • Heatsink Material: AL6063T5
  • Heatsink Dimension: 83.0*70.0*42.8 (mm)
  • Thermal Resistance: 0.29 C/W
  • Heatsink Weight (with clip): 338 g
  • Fan Dimension: 70.0* 70.0*25.0 (mm)
  • Rated Speed: 5000 RPM ± 10%
  • Air Flow: 37.8 ~ 43.5 CFM
  • Noise Level: 39.0 dB(A)

As you can see, these are the official specs off of JetArt.  Please substitue these values in on what I had orginally put below.  Obviously I was wrong about the dBA of the fan but then 39dBA has to be underrated.

The JetArt JAK802A utilizes a 70x70x25mm fan that pushes around 44CFM’s at a noise level of around 50dBA. The fan spins around 5000+ RPM’s and will no doubted add some noise to your case. While I find the JetArt cooler’s fan to be quite loud, it is not as loud as a Delta 60mm fan and still bearable, but just about. Thankfully, Cool’n’Quiet technology on the AMD Athlon 64 will help spin the fan down creating less noise than at full speed.

Looking at the JetArt JAK802A heatsink, it raises eyebrows. The unique heatsink design has evenly placed fins for optimal heat dissipation and has more fins on the sides. The heatsink is made of aluminum and weighs around 300-400g (I don’t have the exact number). The nice “X-Fin” design, which I like to call it, is unique and looks like it will have some benefits. That benefit is the cool air pushing downward through the fins and falling through the side fins to the processor.

The cooler utilizes a 3-prong clip but without the “spec” AMD type lever lock. There is some disassembly on your part of the retention frame to install the clip onto it. Once the clips have been snapped on to the retention frame, you will then proceed in screwing in the supplied screws evenly on both sides until they are tightly secured on the motherboard. This is a bit of awkward installation though. Life would be easier if they just had that AMD “spec” lock lever.

The base of the JetArt JAK802A is relatively good. For the most part, the base looks flat but it is not polished and has visible machine markings, which makes it a tad rough.  Lapping would help though.


Testing will consist of running the JetArt JAK802A on the Athlon 64 3000+ test bed which is on a MSI K8T-FIS2R (review pending). The 3000+ runs at a voltage of 1.5V and operates at a frequency of 2GHz. Arctic Silver 5 was used for testing and set in for more than 100 hours. Ambient temperature was hovering around 21-23 degrees.


JetArt JAK802A (K8) Results
Idle (30 mins): 38c
Load: UT 2004 Demo (1-Hour): 44c
Toast 2 (5 mins): 45c


The JetArt JAK802A Socket 754 heatsink/fan combination is a good performer but it was not breath taking. It is a solid performer with a quality heatsink design but the fan will scare some people off because it is relatively loud and runs around 5000+ RPM’s. Silent PC makers will have to pass on this heatsink/fan combination. The installation of the cooler is a bit awkward and very unnecessary in my opinion. If you are looking for a solid performing heatsink and don’t mind the noise, then the JetArt JAK802A Socket 754 HSF is not a bad investment.

Pros and Cons

+ Solid results
+ Looks nice
+ Unique heatsink design
+ Quality heatsink
- Machine marks visible on base
- Not the best-looking base
- Awkward install
- Some may not like the noise it brings


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