Spire BreezeFan Review


Hello and welcome back. Today we review a product with a twist. We will be looking at the Spire BreezeFan. This personal desk fan is a small little unit that is constructed out of a customized 70mm fan.

The BreezeFan is a very unique product and a first of it's kind I have ever seen. It may be used for personal cooling in hot summer days or it can be used if you ever play at LAN tournaments. The BreezeFan has many possible uses.

Here are the instructions to operate this unit

Here we have the unit and what is included. The BreezeFan operates off of a USB port on your computer with a USB cable included (does not matter if USB 1 or 2. Or it can operate off of 4 Triple A batteries.

There are two fan speed options on the BreezeFan controlled by the red button on the unit itself. These are High and Low. Once the BreezeFan is operated, the red LED will light up.

Opening and closing the unit is very simple and straight forward. First of all, open the top of the unit by using your thumb with small force on the word "PRESS" . Now you have the ability to position the unit in three different clip mountings.

Now use the lid and clip it on the position you want. There are three choices as you can see from the image above. Once that is done, it will look something like this.

I chose to clip it on the top hole.

From there all you have to do is plug in the USB cable or 4 AAA batteries to turn it on. The unit was very quiet when in use. The amount of air it gave out was decent but nothing ground breaking, hence this is a personal fan unit. Press the red button above and that is the low speed option. Pressing it again is the high speed option.

Here is the unit in action. Notice the red LED. Can someone say "Mod it?" A blue LED I assume will fit. I have not opened it up yet.

One problem that I found was that on the low speed setting, the unit had troubles starting up. The fans would try to move and in the process make some squeaky noise. Turning it on High speed proved to be fine.

I enjoyed reviewing the BreezeFan. It's a one of a kind product that utilizes USB technology. It has many possibilities of uses. It may be used for hot summer days, LAN tournaments and a future case modding project..

I rate the BreezeFan a..


Pros and Cons

+ One of a kind

+ Portable

+ USB or battery operated

- Has trouble starting up on Low speed

- Makes squeaky noise when starting up on Low speed

- Faster spinning fan would be nice



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