JetArt Lighting Products Review
By: Michael Phrakaysone
Edited By: Steve M.Silver


Modded cases with cold cathode lighting are extremely common. They help display the details within a case and are fairly easy to install. While lighting and colors are a matter of taste, it is important to select lights that do not detract from the case and complement the work a modder has invested. They should illuminate, in other words, without distracting, unless the user’s intention is to have a “light show” for which the computer is simply a vehicle.

Last time we reviewed a product from JetArt it was from their cooling department. In today’s review we will be looking at some of JetArt’s lighting products. The JetArt CF1000-R (a fully red cold cathode), the JetArt CF1000-RGB (three separate parts of three colors; red, green, and blue) and the JetArt CF2000 (Inverter for two Cathodes).

The JetArt lighting products arrived in a big box containing these three products with some bits and pieces of protection.


JetArt CF1000-R and CF1000-RGB
Dimensions: 315(L)x16(W)mm
Wire Length: 300mm
Features: CCFL Tube
JetArt CF2000
Dimensions: 75x29x22
Features: Inverter for 2CCFL

Included in the cold cathode packages (CF1000-R and CF1000-RGB) are the cold cathode tube and two mounting pieces. The cold cathodes measures 315(L) x16 (W) mm and the wire length is about 300mm. The first thing you notice is the wires would have benefited from being loomed or heatshrinked to reduce cable clutter.

The cold cathode tube is clear and made of hard plastic which makes it relatively strong. The ends of the tube are topped off with a cubed shaped end.

The included items with the JetArt CF2000

The JetArt CF2000 (cold cathode Inverter) package includes the main black inverter unit, which the cold cathodes connect to for power, and a PCI bracket which houses the rocker-like On/Off switches. Also included is a mounting screw and mounting tape. The PCI bracket piece is powered off a 4-pin MOLEX connector and it plugs into the only 2-pin connection at the rear of the inverter. On top of that 2-pin connector lies the label of the – and + which informs you of the charges. The other side of the inverter is where your two cold cathodes will connect.


At the end of installation, you will find that both cold cathodes provide very bright illumination and look very cool. They light up your case very well so you can see all the components easily. I really like the look of the JetArt CF1000-RGB (red, green, blue) because the color suits me and is not overly bright. The JetArt CF1000-R (red), I feel, was too bright.

red cathode

JetArt CF1000-RGB doing it's thang...It's very clear and bright

color cathode

JetArt CF1000-R doing it's thang...This is super bright

A bit too much for my eyes

lighting cathode

Nice solid colors :)

Using these products over an extended period of time produced little heat. The inverter, the only source of heat, was never more than warm to the touch.

I would like to compare these cold cathodes to the Spire NeonBar II we reviewed a while back. First of all, the Spire NeonBar II had these designs on top of the light tube, which decreased the amount of illumination. Overall the NeonBar II was not bright at all. If you compare it to the JetArt cold cathodes, the JetArt wins hands down.


Both the JetArt CF1000-R and JetArt CF1000-RGB are excellent cold cathodes providing the user with bright illumination. Likewise, the JetArt CF2000 (cold cathode Inverter) is also a very good product that does its job with minimal heat. However, all the wiring would benefit from being heatshrinked.

Overall, I can easily recommend the JetArt CF1000-R, JetArt CF1000-RGB, and JetArt CF2000.

Pros and Cons

+ Very bright illumination from the Cold Cathodes
+ Easy to install
+ Inverter has the PCI Slot bracket allowing you to turn On/Off
+ All the things you need for installation
- Needs some wire looming/heatshrinking



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