Crystal Optical Mouse Review


First off, let me thank Jacque from The Card Cooler for sending this unit for review.

Case modding and aesthetics has come a long way. It's becoming the mainstream. However there are products out there that have ascetics but lack the functionality. Today we review a unique twist in mouse land. Introducing the Crystal Optical Mouse.

As you can see, the package is very eye popping. Normally, you won't see mouse's that come in a container. A creativity idea.

Here is the crystal optical mouse. It includes a USB to PS/2 port adaptor for folks who don't have USB. Operating out USB technology, you can expect tracking abilities of around 400-1,500dpi. The mouse is constructed from clear plastic and is very cool to say the least. It allows you to see the inside of the circuit board and allows the LED to shine through.


  • Button-Less design
  • Pivot and click design
  • Multi-OS Support
  • Free 3D Scrolling software download
  • USB/PS/2 Connection

The back of the mouse is typical. Plastic-type underpinnings help the mouse scroll effectively in almost any surface. The optical eye is composed of a red LED and the transparent scroll wheel is lit up with an amazing blue LED that we will show next.

Installation & Testing

Nothing really to say for installation. Just connect the mouse into your USB port or PS/2 port and Windows automatically detects it. Your ready to roll. One thing to point out, the Free 3D Scrolling software download URL did not work. You don't really need it, but it would be neat if their claims was actually true. False claims on that one.

Lighting up old Pentium 3 computer (Test system down)

Using the mouse was effortless. The tracking is on par with my Logitech mouse. It was smooth and never skipped or stopped. It was almost smoother than the Logitech optical mouse. Partly due to it's dpi tracking claims, you will not need another mouse. Superb smoothness.

I loved the fact that the scroll wheel is so quiet. Compared to the Logitech mouse, the Crystal Optical Mouse is more quiet. You almost cannot hear the wheel moving. On the Logitech, the wheel is louder and you can hear the clicking noise.

Equally impressive was the blue LED. The LED is very bright, almost bright enough to light up the surrounding area as you can see by the pictures. The red LED can be modded as well (wink, wink).

The mouse is a button-less design meaning they have implemented a new click design. It is the pivot and click design. What this means is that if you want the left click, you pivot the mouse downward left to click. If you want to right click, pivot the mouse downward right to click. Simple right? However, bear in mind that this requires a learning curve. Depending on how fast you can perfect it, you're in some trouble. I personally have some troubles getting use to this method.

Sometimes if I want to left click an icon, I instead move the icon. You have to get used to the pivot and click design. I personally don't like the idea, but it's very unique otherwise. I would have preferred a one button click design instead if they wanted to go with button less.


Overall, the Crystal Optical is a very unique and aesthetically pleasing mouse. With the tracking abilities and it's modded looks, I can easily recommend this to anyone looking for an alternative mouse. This thing is a winner!

I rate the Crystal Optical Mouse a...


Pros & Cons

+ Sexy Modded look

+ Clear structure

+ Scroll Wheel is quiet

+ Tracking rate

+ Glides effortlessly

- Where's the free software as advertised?

- Learning curve required for pivot and click design

- Size (preference)

Thanks again to Jacque from The Card Cooler for sending this to review. You can pick up the mouse here for $21.99U.S. Check out other great products for great prices at The Card Cooler.



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