CoolMax Scorpio Internal Round Cable Review


Let me thank Jacque from The Card Cooler for sending this out to review.

Have you ever wondered what could help in making your case airflow better? Today brings challenge in fighting heat. Aesthetics come into play also with popular side windows. Introducing the CoolMax Round Cable.

The rounded IDE cable comes packaged in some plastic with the company logo.

What’s unique about the product is nice use of shielding what gives a nice aluminum look to the product. This helps prevent signal loss from EMI interference. Whether the shielding of the cable will play a role in overall performance will be answered later.

We are evaluating the 18” version here today.

Here we see the internal workings under the plastic.


· Enables Transfer Rates up to 133MB per second
· Supports Two Ultra ATA/100 or two Ultra ATA/133 hard drives
· Highly Flexible 18", 24", 36" 80 wire 40 pin Cable
· Improved Airflow
· These awesome round cables are covered with Aluminum mesh shielding and a protective see through colorful cover.
· Color available: Translucent Silver, Copper, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Black.


Testing will consist of using the test system (thank gosh it’s up and running again) running the File System Benchmark in the latest version of Sisoft Sandra. I will compare the difference if any between a regular flat IDE cable and the CoolMax Scorpio Round Cable.

Results (Flat IDE Cable, CoolMax Round Cable)



Wow. That’s all I have to say. The CoolMax round cable improved hard disk performance a bit as you can see from the results. The before result shows approx. 21.3MB/s and with the CoolMax, aprrox. 21.4MB/s. A ncrease that is most likely due to the aluminum shielding. The shielding helps by making less signal interference to the device.
The cable comes with pre-installed nametags that tell you what each end is as pictured. The aesthetics you get with the round cable is equally as impressive. People with side windows will notice the style that it brings. Also, it improves airflow and does not clutter the case unlike traditional flat IDE cables.

I can recommend the CoolMax Round Cable to anyone looking for aesthetics, performance and looks. Rejoice! The flat IDE cables are things of the past. Round cables are here to stay.
You can pick one up here at The Card Cooler for $11.99U.S. In the meantime your there, be sure to check out other great products for great prices. If you decide to purchase from The Card Cooler, tell them Modsynergy sent ye!

I rate the CoolMax Scorpio Round IDE Cables a...



  • Performance increase
  • Flexible
  • Improves airflow, and makes case tidy
  • Shielding
  • Nametags
  • Affordable Price at The Card Cooler
  • Various colors


  • Higher price than regular IDE cables

Edit: I made a mistake on that performance sentence I wrote originally. Sorry for that mistake. It was mentioned to me from an email concerning how...Must have been because I was tired...

Let me again thank Jacque from The Card Cooler for sending this out to review.



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