Fanner Group Clear LED Case Fan Review


After reading our first review on the FalconRock HSF from Fanner Group, I must say I give high regards to this company. If you haven’t read it, check it out!

Today we will be focusing our review on the Fanner Group Clear LED Case Fan for modders.

The new generation of case modding has grown in the past few years. With techniques such as blowholes, etc everyone needs a product to fill in those gaps.
Here is where Fanner Group comes in. They have released the all new Case LED Fan! Not only does this case look and feel cool, it actually cools, yet very loudly.

First Impressions.

The casing of plastic is what you would normally see, no big deal. Get it out of the box and my impressions were positive once again. Enough talk, some pictures and the conclusions shall we?


12V DC Fan blower
Dimensions 80x80x25 (L x W x H)
Bearing Ball bearing
Rated speed 2700 RPM +/- 10%
Noise Level 26.5 dBA
Air Flow 36.04 CFM at 2,700RPM
Current A 0.20 A
Life Hours 50.000
Connector 3 + 4 Pin Connector
Features 2 Blue & 2 Red Colours LED
Application Power supply fan, second case fan or other



The Fanner Group Case LED Fan sure looks pretty. Along with its style, the fan operates quite fast frankly at around 2384 RPM producing a sound tone that many will hear. This fan is loud. Bearable? Yes. It's rated to pull as much as 36CFM's and I believe that spec is true. This fan blows cool air very effectively. I liked quite about everything about this fan, the build quality, the craftsmanship and the power. Just not the noise. But that just me.

Final Mark: 9/10

Pros and Cons

+ Lighting is superb!

+ Pulls strong cool air

+ Ball Bearing

+ Best of both worlds, 3 Pin and 4 Pin connections.

- Quite Loud!

Again, thanks to Fanner Group for making this review possible.



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