Samsung ML-2525W Workgroup Monochrome Wireless Laser Printer Review
By: Michael Phrakaysone

Incorporating a printer within a home network or a small business can be quite a task if you don't know what you're doing.  There a number of steps to follow such as putting every computer you own on the same workgroup, allow file sharing/printer sharing, assigning an IP address to the printer, and much more.  Frankly all this adds up in the time department and means wasted productivity.

Happily with all this wireless technology that we've been blessed with in just about every modern computer, the possibilities of setting up a single printer for the whole home/small business to use has now become even simpler to accomplish.  Samsung is one of those 'do it all' companies and they have released the ML-2525W monochrome laser printer with built-in wireless connectivity and claim to have everyone utilizing the printer wirelessly down to a 'stress-free installation'.

Read on to see if this $149.99USD (on sale for $99USD @ Newegg) laser printer is worth the consideration.

Samsung ML-2525W Product Overview

  • Sleek and user-friendly wireless printer: The Samsung ML-2525W ensures reliable, high-performance printing for your home or small business. The compact design provides you with a simple, fast and wireless connection; users can adapt to their workspace without compromising on print quality.
  • Big performance, small workspace: The Samsung ML-2525W is uncompromised when it comes to high levels of performance. Designed to adjust to any small office environment, the ML-2525W has a First Page Out Time (FPOT) of 9 seconds as well as a 24 page per minute (ppm) print speed. The compact and sleek design includes a 250 sheet input capacity so less time is spent on replenishing paper; and with a monthly duty cycle of 12000 sheets the Samsung ML-2525W is ideal for the small office and home environment.
  • Quick and simple wireless connectivity: For stress-free installation to a wireless connection, the Samsung ML-2525W offers complete convenience. Previously, installation could take up to 30 minutes. However, the Samsung ML-2525W utilises a high speed connection offering users a 5-minute, single-step installation process. Such easy installation lets users set up the wireless printer quickly and efficiently.
  • AnyWeb Print: Samsung's AnyWeb Print is a quick and easy way of pulling web information together. It allows you to select, drag and drop content from different web pages into a new blank page on screen. You can then save this page as a tiff file or pdf. Alternatively, print using the Print Screen button or your normal print menu.
  • Wireless Printing: Wireless printing is a future-proof benefit for wireless networks. It allows users greater flexibility and also enhances the productivity across the business. Wireless printing is versatile and can save considerable time and money by being able to place printers where they are needed without having to worry about network cables. These devices are easily adaptable for quick office modification and administration.
  • Cartridge options for your budget needs: The Samsung ML-2525W also offers a choice of consumables to meet your cash flow needs. High yield toner cartridges, which are ideal for heavy users, last longer and give you lower costs per page. Optionally, low yield toner cartridges have the advantage of lower initial outlay.

Samsung ML-2525W Product Specifications


This ML-2525W printer costs only $149.99USD through retailers and can be found for only $99.99USD currently on sale through, making it an inexpensive and affordable solution making it possible for just about everyone to acquire.  Looking at the specification reveals a print speed of 24 page per minute (A4), manual duplex,  1200 x 1200dpi output resolution, a substantial 64MB of memory, 360MHz processor, maximum noise decibel of 50dBA while printing, support for various media sizes and types and a 250-sheet paper tray.  These numbers on the ML-2525W honestly will be sufficient for most people and with my experience with the ML-2525W, just about the only small nitpick is a smaller paper tray loading capacity (about half ream) but that shouldn't be a deal breaker.

First Impressions

laser printer

The Samsung ML-2525W comes in a compact and minimalist designed corrugated box.   
Purchasing the Samsung ML-2525W will reveal the following items bundled with the package...

  • Samsung ML-2525W laser printer
  • 1000-page Starter Toner Cartridge  (Standard Yield: 1500 pages and High Yield: 2500 pages)
  • Printer software CD with software and drivers
  • Quick Install Guide, Network Installation Guide, Warranty Card and miscellaneous papers
  • Power Cable
  • USB A/B Printer Cable

The Samsung ML-2525W laser printer is one of those few printers on the market that actually come bundled with a USB A/B printer cable so that once out of the box, you are ready to go without any hiccups.  I loathe the times that I've opened printer boxes and find out that there isn't a bundled printer cable.  Considering you can purchase printer cables at the local dollar stores for $1, how hard is it or how expensive is it to bundle one cable into the box?  I still can't accept the fact that this still happens.  Thankfully with this printer, that is not the case.  Kudos Samsung!

Going Over the Printer

Let's have a look at the ML-2525W.  It measures 14.1 inches in length, 15.3 inches in width and 7.7 inches in height.  The printer features a matte black finish (aside from the top bezel) which means it's got that 'down to business' demeanor and puts function over form.  To further prove that point, you'll realize that there are only 3 buttons on the entire unit.  Rounding off the printer are 2 status indicators and that's pretty much it.

From directly in front of the printer we have the paper tray at the bottom, manual feeder for different media size and types (A5, B5, EXECUTIVE, A4, LEGAL, LETTER), manual feeder guide lever and front cover handle for access to the toner cartridge area.  Installing the toner is simple is plug and play, it only fits one way so there is no mistake.

Each side of the printer has a bunch of vents for keeping the printer cool as possible.

Coming to the back of the printer unit we see more vents but also the power connector, USB port and RJ-45 Ethernet Port which supports 10/100Mbps base transmission.  I just wanted to note the back portion of the printer that looks a little awkward.  Instead of making the printer a single shape, Samsung decides to split it up in two different parts; the bigger square shape and then the smaller piece which sticks out like a huge power brick. 

Lastly we come to the very top portion of the ML-2525W which resides the paper output tray, paper output support fold-out catcher and the control panel where the 2 status indicators and 3 printer buttons lay (demo print, cancel button, power button with surrounding blue LED).   The less buttons on the unit the better, because no one wants to be fidgeting with a plethora of buttons.  Additionally, less buttons on any device means the less chance a possible point of failure.

Installation Overview (Wireless Included)

Getting the Samsung ML-2525W up and running is simple and clear-cut.  I thought I'd go through the installation process with you.  It may look elongated, but it's not.  It's literally one of the best installation setups I've ever experienced, for any peripheral.  It's too easy.


Let me first off advise you that the printer needs to be installed on the host computer locally (through the 'Install Now' option on the CD) prior to setting up the printer wirelessly (with the 'Wireless Setting and Installation' option on the CD).  Subsequent installations  on other machines that you would like to make use of the wireless printer will only need to complete the 'Install Now' option on the software CD.

  • Step 1: Plug in the Samsung ML-2525W with the supplied power cable and USB printer cable
  • Step 2: Turn on the printer and pop-in the software installation CD
  • Step 3: Software CD appears, click on the 'Install Now' option, searches and finds printer and installs drivers on to system.  Local printer installation is completed
  • To use the printer wirelessly, follow step 4 onward
  • Step 4: Click on the 'Wireless Setting and Installation' option on the software installation CD
  • Step 5: Will search for WLAN data from printer, searches for Wireless Networks around the vicinity
  • Step 6: Click on your wireless SSID and enter the authentication type and wireless password key
  • Step 7: Confirm the settings and setup will connect the printer to your wireless network
  • Step 8: Once completed, setup will advise you to disconnect USB cable.  Wireless setup is complete
  • Step 9: Confirm the printer settings (IP address, Printer Name, Hardware Address, Location)
  • Step 10: Select the software and utilities (driver and Smart Panel) to install
  • Step 11: Set the Printer Name and Share Printer Name.  Check off 'Share this printer' box
  • Step 12: Setup configures and installs for wireless function.  Completes in a few seconds
  • Step 13: In any other computer you want to use the printer wirelessly, just pop in the CD and choose the 'Install Now' option to install just the printer drivers.  It will search and find the wirelessly configured ML-2525W printer, connect to it, and install necessary drivers.

On every computer that makes use of the printer wirelessly, will be small taskbar icon and each time a job is submitted to the printer, the Smart Panel will inform you if the printers current operation along with supplementary information such as IP address and if its currently ready to use, toner capacity remaining indicator bar, paper tray empty indication, and more.  It's a small little program that is non-interfering, takes little system memory and is less bloated than other printer software.

For even more flexibility and control, you can connect to the printer's web-based control management page entitled 'SyncThru Web Service'.  On this web page you will find printer information, machine status, supplies status (toner ID, toner life information, yield number, etc), billing/counters, network information, firmware version and print information.  Please check out the image gallery to see the level of options and information available.

Printing Performance and Print Quality Remarks

Power up the Samsung ML-2525W laser printer by holding the power on/off button for just a second and it comes to life in around 15 seconds for warm up time.   Samsung claims the First Print Out Time to be less than 9 seconds, but from the ready mode state, and I can confirm that is true.  Print output time once in the sleep mode state takes 18 seconds.  This is ample performance for most people as once the printer starts printing, speed between pages is exceedingly fast.  I haven't noticed the printer jamming or feeding out more than a single sheet of paper at a time which is great news.

The printer when in sleep mode, or aside from printing, is virtually silent and will not pose any troubles whatsoever.  While printing, the Samsung ML-2525W noise output isn't overly loud and annoying but rather average but manageable.  It starts with a whine and then gets louder but not overly loud such as a photocopier machine or some other laser printer models I've come across.  But it's a little more noisy than the Samsung ML-1630 which I reviewed previously (ML-1630 does it at less than 45dBA).

Print quality is superb.  Text is sharp, clear and well defined, even at a small 4pt font.  Using a magnifying glass will reveal that the printer prints to the paper text with super clean edges (such as anti-aliasing) and it doesn't rub off the paper.


I love the Samsung ML-2525W laser printer because once you've set it up for your home or small business, you'll find that you can literally place the printer anywhere you want.  If you want to put it on your toilet, you can do that.  If you want to put the wireless printer in the garage, go right ahead!  I love that it requires literally no wires, aside from the power cable obviously.

I honestly cannot see anything else in this price range that can beat the Samsung ML-2525W, Samsung has managed to do about everything right with this printer possible.  I don't think it can be beat and would be surprised if anyone else could improve upon it.  Print quality is excellent, print speed is exceedingly fast, local and wireless printer setup and installation is super quick and the best I've experienced to date, the footprint is a good compact size, this is too good to be true.  The Samsung ML-2525W is a must consider, top of the list product, and thus deserves Editor's Choice.

Pros and Cons

    • + Inexpensive wireless enabled laser printer ($149.99USD, $99.99USD on sale)
    • + Excellent print quality
    • + Excellent print speed
    • + Dead simple and quick local/wireless setup and installation
    • + Includes free USB A/B printer cable
    • + Printer program is not bloated but easy to use and discrete
    • - Noise is average so it can be improved upon
    • - 1000-page Starter Toner should be discontinued and replaced with normal yield standard

    Editors Choice


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