PDO iPod Touch Products Quick Review Roundup
By: Michael Phrakaysone


Many people are still wanting iPod products and the market is still going strong for Apple and aftermarket accessory makers.  If you browse around eBay and equivalent sites, there are tons of older model iPod Touch models out on the market that are still very capable and so today, I will be doing a quick long-term review on multiple products offered from Portable Device Outfitters (PDO) and determine whether or not they are worth your hard earned money.   

The products that will be reviewed are the TopSkin (iPod Touch 2G), Sporteer, PowerUp Wall Charger and CarFM.

About Portable Device Outfitters (PDO)

"Portable Device Outfitters (PDO) was founded in November 2004 in Davis, CA.  Our global headquarters was moved to Scottsdale, AZ in June, 2009.

PDO designs and manufactures high quality iPod and iPhone accessories. We strive to offer the best balance of quality, price, style, and functionality in all of our products.

PDO products are positively reviewed by industry professionals and highly recommended by customers. Products are available through many Apple-authorized resellers worldwide."

PDO TopSkin (iPod Touch 2G) Overview

PDO iPod

Protect your 2nd generation iPod Touch with a stylish and protective PDO TopSkin.
Product Features:

• Comprehensive protection with play-though covers for the home and volume buttons
• Easy access flaps protect the dock connector and earphone jack
• Open access to the touch screen
• Sides of the TopSkin have a micro-texture pattern to provide extra grip

A full frontal screen protector and black wrist lanyard are included.

Our Take:  Through the long months of abuse and normal everyday wear and tear, the TopSkin has shown us to be a good silicone sleeve for your iPod Touch.  It fits onto the device like a glove, the side flaps grab onto the iPod and don't just dangle, and everything lines up the way it should.  The texture on the sleeve is just there for added grip and decoration and makes it look decent enough.  The bonus in this bundle is the addition of the frontal screen protector and the wrist strap which can justify the price.  The screen protector is the clearest one I've seen yet and installs very easily.  Only negatives are the overabundant dust accumulation because of the material and that it's not the thickest silicone material out there.  It will absorb shock but being thin may not prevent damages like chips or cracks. Recommended.

PDO Sporteer Overview


Designed by athletes for athletes, the Sporteer Armband is the most durable armband available for active lifestyles. In the gym, on the track or on the bike, the Sporteer Armband is the choice of athletes who demand durability, functionality and complete security for their iPhone or iPod touch. .

Product Features:
• Super-durable neoprene and stitching
• Full screen protector allows total touch screen functionality
• Reflective material for night time activity
• Adjustable strap fits most arm sizes
• Clear full frontal protector allows easy touch screen navigation

Our Take: I found myself using the Sporteer a lot and it has proven high quality and more useful than just sticking your iPod in your pant pocket.  Having it on your arm prevents long cords and possible tangles.  The Velcro is tough and won't break apart and the quality of material is padded and top-notch.  The Sporteer can fit not only the iPod Touch but also iPhone or basically anything that resembles the shape.  The addition of the screen protector is a bonus which is well received but makes it a bit redundant because the Sporteer already has a plastic cover.  The grey strips do reflect when dark so that is a safety bonus to be seen at night.  Recommended.

PDO PowerUp Wall Charger Overview

PDO iPod Wall Charger

Conveniently keep your iPod or iPhone charged at home or in the office with PDO's PowerUP Wall Charger.    The PowerUP Wall Charger is compatible with ALL iPod and iPhone models (including iPhone 3G and 3GS).

Product Features:
• Dual USB sockets can charge up to two devices simultaneously
• Compact design with foldable prongs
• Charger has an internal sensor to detect the battery's power capacity
• Double circuit protection for safe and reliable operation
• 5 ft long USB cable with iPod/iPhone dock connector is included

Our Take: Without a doubt, the PowerUp Wall Charger is used often.  Sure it looks like a knock-off of Apple's own design but it sure looks nice in glossy black fashion.  The PowerUp features two USB ports which can recharge both iPod Touch and iPhone at the same time.  The unit is actually two pieces, the first being the prong part and then the actual USB connector portion.  The prongs are foldable to make it compact for travel storage and can be removed if needed.  I found after extensive use, the prong part would eventually slip out and would need to be adjusted.   There needs to be a tighter fit.  Second annoyance was after a couple of months, the PowerUp started to generate a high pitched whine.  This whine would stay constant until you plugged in a device to its USB port.  Still works but just annoying.

The included USB charge/data cable is included and is of high quality.  It works perfectly and provides a secure fit into iPod devices as the cable end has two pinch buttons you will need to push in order to release the cable from the device.   

PDO CarFM Overview

CarFM iPod

Listen to your iPod or iPhone music through your car stereo with this PDO CarFM. Just plug your iPod into CarFM and plug CarFM into your car's cigarette outlet. Tune both your car stereo and CarFM to the same FM station and your iPod's tunes will play over the car's stereo system. It's that simple. There's no need for adapters. The transmitter will even charge your iPod while plugged in.
If you are using an iPhone, CarFM can be used as a hands-free talking device as well. CarFM will automatically switch between playing music to hands-free talking when you receive a phone call.
Why buy a separate FM transmitter, car charger, and hands-free device? CarFM performs all three functions for one low price!

CarFM is compatible with all iPod and iPhone models.

Product Features:
• Listen to your iPod/iPhone music through your car stereo
• CarFM can tune to any FM frequency between 88.1 and 107.9 MHz
• Four "Quick Select" FM frequencies of 88.1, 94.1, 100.1, and 106.1 MHz
• CarFM charges your iPod/iPhone when plugged in
• For iPhone users, CarFM can serve as a hands-free talking device
• USB socket can charge a second device through USB
• Silicone padding on the arms helps to securely grip your iPod/iPhone
• Adjustable arms can hold iPods/iPhones, even with bulky cases
• Flexible gooseneck design allows CarFM to fit most cars
• Audio-in and audio-out sockets
• Holder can rotate 90 degrees, for iPod Touch/iPhone landscape view

Our Take: The CarFM is a good product.  For me it works as advertised but it's not the most perfect one out there.  First off there is no manual with the unit and that is strange because there are a few things on the unit in which you will have no clue to do.  I mean what does 'QS' stand for?  Or how do you set presets with the CarFM?  Anyway you set your iPod or iPhone in the middle and squeeze the sides to hold the iPod on the dock.  It will not fall out.  After you connect the iPod cable to device and it will allow charge of the device while using the transmitter.

With the CarFM, I experienced no static problems at all.  No radio station was cross-talking with each other and everything sounded really good for a FM transmitter.  Now the bass wasn't the best out there but everyone knows that the iPhones and Touch don't exactly have the best sound quality to begin with.

I found that the gooseneck would sometimes shift its weight but for the most part stayed up right.  I think this partly due to the cigarette lighter connection not being tight enough or strong enough.  Sometimes the unit would make a creek sound.  The unit is of fair quality.