iCute Laser Cut Fan Grills Review


Let me thank Lionel from iCute for sending these to review.

We have all heard of fan grills, but regular grills are getting old. Today we need more styling, physique for modding our fans and case. This is where iCute comes in.  Introducing the iCute Laser cut fan grills. iCute sent us 5 different designs to look at. They are the Dragon fan grill, 4-circle fan grill, Spider-man fan grill, Lion fan grill and UFO fan grill.

The fan grills come in a plastic package with only the grills. You will have to provide the screws yourself. They measure 80mm in size.

Here is a photo of the package without any screws.

Installation and Results

I will be placing these grills on a black 80mm Sunon fan so you may see the excellent quality. In order from 4-circle fan grill, Dragon fan grill, Lion fan grill, Spider-Man fan grill and the UFO fan grill.


These fan grills are great. They have excellent construction and quality of material used. They are great for case mods such as blowholes or HSF fan guards. It would look amazing on LED fans. I can easily recommend these grills to anyone looking for great style and grills to use. The only downfall is that you will have to provide your own screws. Which is a bad idea, because I don’t see why iCute could not dump in 4 screws in the package.

All in all, I rate the iCute Laser Cut fan grills a…


Pros and Cons

+ Strength
+ Great construction
+ Aesthetics
- Have to supply screws yourself

Check out iCute for more info and more great products. Pick one up if you can! If you buy some, tell them sent ye!



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