Veritech 6-in-1 Card Reader Review


Let me thank PC Memory Upgrade UK for sending this for review

Are you a digital camera user? Do you sometimes need to transfer pictures off your camera when you travel but don’t want to bring your expensive camera along with you? Or are you a frustrated Windows 98 or 2000 user who has problems transferring photos off your memory card? Well, today we will be looking at a product that may solve your problems. The VeriTech 6-in-1 Card reader at PC-Memory-Upgrade UK!

First Impressions

The card reader came packaged in a very attractive black box that displayed what it could do.

Opening up the package contained the following:

- Installation CD for Windows 98-2000
- The main unit
- Manual
- USB Cable

The main unit is very small and measures approximately 4'x2. 2’. The manual was very basic telling you some specs and how to set up the unit for use. Behind the unit houses the USB port for connection.

The front is where everything happens.  It's the place where you place your desired card.


6-in-1 Flash Card Reader USB1.1 - VeriTech
Card Reader for SmartMedia, CompactFlash I/II, IBM
Microdrive, MultiMedia, Sony Memory Stick, and Secure
Digital Memory Cards
Plug & play, USB Cable and drivers included
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 8.6/9.x/10.x
Manufacturer: VeriTech, Warranty: 1 year

Now what is unique about the unit is how light and small it is.  The unit literally weighs nothing at all and fits in the palm of your hand.  The unit can also fit a breast pocket.  Now that's portable.

The card reader is constructed out of plastic, but the plastic is quite strong and durable.  On the top left hand corner is the green LED that is non-blinking. 

The unit can read the following media types.

  • Memory Stick
  • Compact Flash
  • Multi-Media Card
  • Micro Drive
  • Secure Digital Card (SD)
  • Smart Media Cards

The unit features every possible media type you can think possible and is feature proof. 

Installation and Testing

Installation is plug and play for Windows XP users.  All you need to do is connect the supplied USB cable to the back of the card reader and then connect the other end to your computer's USB port.  On start-up, Windows automatically detected it and installed the drivers for them.  Your now ready to rock and roll. 

Windows 98 users and above will have to install generic card reader drivers on the supplied CD. 

I used a 2 different CompactFlash cards from my digital camera which are Canon and Sandisk to use and it worked flawlessly transferring photos.  As this is a USB 1.1 product, the transfer rates are fast but not as fast if it were USB 2.0.

Using it on a Windows 2000 system where I have had many troubles proved to solve them.  I used to have troubles sometimes copying the pictures off the Cannon program.  Now I can easily open up the pictures folder on the Compact Flash and download them to the computer.

Update:  I have taken a test with Sisoft Sandra 2003 and tested buffered write and read using the above CompactFlash card.

  • Buffered Read: 1049KB/S
  • Buffered Write: 479KB/S


If you are a traveler with a desire to transfer pictures off media cards and more, the VeriTech Card Reader is a portable little unit that is quick, easy and fun to use.  Card Readers are useful because they can save you the hassle of going into programs, it saves your camera's battery life, handy in business trips and simply faster.  You guys just have to get one!

I rate the VeriTech 6-in-1 Card Reader a...


Pros & Cons

+ Quick and able to read 6 different formats
+ Small
+ Easy Installation
- USB 1.1 and no feet at bottom

Let me thank PC Memory Upgrade UK for sending this to review.



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