Laptop Desk V2.0 Review


Looking for a product for your laptop that allows you to cool your computer and have an all in one travel desk? Well we might just have one for you today. Today we are looking at the Laptop Desk V.2.0.

The Laptop Desk is a unique product because it was made to solve problems when using laptops on your lap when you travel. Have you ever tried using a laptop in your car? There is virtually no way you can get it to be stable. This is where the Laptop Desk comes in. As the name says it this entire product acts as a desk to place your laptop on.

The unit is constructed out of hard plastic that can be easily folded and stored away with ease. The unit features ventilation channels for heat to dissipate away effectively.



The unit features plenty of rubber for your laptop to stay in place. This is a great thing because we don’t want your laptop to fall down when you are typing on the road. Another unique feature is that it can be folded. Once folded, it’s compact and very space saving. When you fold it there is a plastic latch underneath that allows you to choose between 5 angles. This helps the user prevent any shoulder, back and arm strain when typing.

Fold mechanism

It can be placed easily on your lap and is very stable. When I used it, it was neither shaky nor jerked around than the CoolPad. The Laptop Desk has a better edge because of its long surface area. There is plenty of room for your laptop, mouse and even your coffee mug.  One problem is that the rubber makes mice moving quite difficult.  The rubber slows down the mouse because it's too sticky. If they take the rubber off at the sides, mouse movements would be much improved.

Update:  After this review, LapWorks have listened to this issue and now provides a snap-on MouzPad attachment that fixes the mouse problems.  It is a 6x9 mousing surface that can be purchased for only $9.99U.S.  More information can be found on this page.


I like this product. It was strong, stable, portable and it could act as your desk when you are typing in the park, or at school. The only I felt were that the cooling was less effective than the CoolPad Podium we reviewed. The ventilation channels embedded into the Laptop Desk were not deep enough for maximum heat disposal. However, it worked. After 2 hours on the laptop, I could feel heat dissipating away and the Laptop Desk was very warm. If the laptop were on my lap, my lap would definitely be warm and possibly burn. Well not really, but you get the point.

On my lap (a mouse can fit)

I can easily recommend this product for laptop users looking for a good desk to use if they travel many times and need a desk for their laptop and their mice. The only problem I found with this is that you shouldn’t slouch.

All in all, a good product that I rate…


Pros & Cons

+ Portable
+ Roomy
+ Construction
- Mouse problem because of rubber and heat channels

Let me thank Bill from LapWorks for sending this to be reviewed.

For more information about the Laptop Desk and more products, please visit You may also purchase from there also! If you plan to buy one, tell them Modsynergy sent ye!



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