PCXmods Eels Review


Let me first off by thanking Christopher from PCXmods for sending this over to review.

When we first looked at the PCXmods X-Trac Pro HS we were awed on how it preformed. Seriously. It was a mouse pad that glided like crazy and was very affordable. PCXmods has introduced the new PCXmods Eels. It’s essentially a mouse skate like Teflon tape that was supplied with the Steelpad. Mouse skates are meant to improve gliding and noise problems associated with mice. Even though the PCXmods X-Trac Pro HS preformed really well, we will see if the Eels will make any difference.

The PCXmods Eels is packaged in a neat plastic with instructions


Need I say more? :)

I will be using my Logitech optical mice for testing. First off you need to have clean dry hands, so wash them for a moment. Now cut strips for the feet of your mice. In this case, all I need to do is cut 4 square strips. Peel them off, making sure you don’t smudge your finger into the adhesive. They are the clear colored ones that you will stick on your mice.  I first thought it was the blue, but it's actually the clear strip.  Now place them on the mice feet and gently rub the surface area of the tape so that they stick. That’s all!


There is not a correct way to prove that it makes a difference, just my impressions that are my opinion.

After using the PCXmods Eels for about a week, I can say that it does actually work. Gliding was a better than before and is now is more slippery than before. Let’s put it this way. Before the skates were rusty (imagine real ice skates) and gliding was still good, but after sharpening the blades, skating feels more natural, feels like brand new, thus you can skate more freely. That’s the same way using the PCXmods Eels feels like. Tracking is the same as before also.
The PCXmods Eels has dampened the sound also from the surfaces you use your mice on.  It lowered the sound greatly on the computer table if you don't have a mouse pad.  On the X-Trac Pro HS, the sound was cured slightly.


The PCXmods Eels is an interesting product. It was well made and did what it said it would. If you want to super glide, then knock yourself out by picking one up. I personally wouldn't need to buy it since the PCXmods X-Trac Pro HS was really good already, so I see no need for it.
The only downfall I see are that I needed more tape to apply it to the Crystal LED mouse. It required more tape for it’s wide plastic feet area.

I rate the PCXmods Eels a…


Pros & Cons

+ Does what it says
+ Easy to install
- More tape would have been nice…

It is $3.00 U.S. at PCXmods.com. If you buy one, tell them Modsynergy.com sent you.



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