UT 2003 Appliqué Review


Let me thank Volker from Evweb.at for sending this to review.

Many of you strive to complete a mod for your case. People like to brag about case modding and yes, it’s fun to do. However, some beginners are afraid to attack their case as their first mod. I will be taking a look at a product that will help you decide what one of your mods can be.  Today we are going over the UT 2003 Applique!

Appliques are window stickers that go on side windows or the side of your case itself. They bring personality, style and cool to your case. Since I am addicted to UT 2003, this adds personality to my case and what I like to do in my spare time.

The package arrived undamaged and came with the appliqué itself. No instructions! However, you will find many instructions on the internet. It’s really easy to do.


Installation was very simple and easy to complete. I will go over the steps as follows.

1. Lay out all the materials you will need:

  • Window Appliqué
  • Case window or side panel itself
  • Clean cloth
  • Credit card
  • Bottle with water w/spray nozzle (mist)

I had to use the nozzle of my Windex.  My Windex wasn't done yet

2. Use your cloth and wipe your window clean with soap and water or a window cleaner solution.  Dry it good.

3. Find the position where you want the applique to stick to.  Mist your window with water.  Use an even mist of water to help remove air bubbles.  I recommend not using that much water.

4. Now carefully peel the applique off it's paper.  Now place it where you want it to stick.

5. Use your credit card and scrape the water out for there to be no air bubbles.  I found pushing from the bottom to top works good.  Wipe away the excess water.  Continue to do this until you feel that there is no air bubbles left.  This is very important.  A minimum of 5 minutes at least for this step.

6. After you are finished, carefully and slowly peel the top layer off making sure that the applique actually went on.

7. You're now done.  Depending on how good you were able to remove air bubbles you will not have any bumps.  If your like me, unfortunately you will get some.  It will hopefully disappear in a couple of days.

After installing it for 2 days, some air bubbles are gone. 

Another great thing about these appliques are that they are made of high quality.  If you try to scratch it away, it will not peel off.  It's high quality stuff.


If you are looking to give your case a new look, new personality describing you, check out some window appliques at Evweb.at.  There are many variations on style and themes.  The only problem I got was air bubbles.

I rate the UT 2003 Applique a...


Pros and Cons

+ High Quality
+ Cool looking
- Poses air bubble risk

I would like to thank Volker from Evweb.at for making this review possible.  Check them out because they have new English translations and a great deal of products.  If you buy something, tell them we sent ye!

Note: Just to inform you so you don't have to ask.  It was 4am when I did this and I was not thinking, this the applique is the wrong way.  LOL.  You are supposed to place the applique behind the window, not in front.



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