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By: Michael Phrakaysone


In the fiercely competitive action camera market, numerous players are vying for your attention and hard-earned money. We all know GoPro, the top dog that started the trend, but there are only a handful of legitimate options available, typically priced at over $500. In today's economy, not everyone can afford to invest such a hefty sum, yet no one wants to settle for a stripped-down model.

I previously reviewed the original Polaroid CUBE HD lifestyle action camera, which brought the price down to a more affordable $99 USD. However, it deviated from the conventional action camera formula, lacking bundled accessories, a waterproof casing, and a substantial battery due to its miniature size. It targeted a different crowd altogether.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world in China, the action camera landscape takes on a different shape. Countless companies, unheard of in the global market, are popping up left and right. Can you blame them? With a local market of over 1.3 billion potential consumers, the competition is fierce. However, amidst the sea of options, it's challenging to discern the real gems from the disappointments.

In our exploration of Chinese action cameras, we previously encountered the Zeblaze iShot1, which impressed us with its excellent value and features. Priced at $115 USD, it boasted an integrated waterproof case body design, an aluminum alloy front panel, dual LED flashlights, 2.4GHz wristwatch operation, and WiFi. Nevertheless, it had its drawbacks and areas for improvement.

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to another Chinese action camera alternative from a company called Amkov. The AMK5000S, which I'll be reviewing, offers even greater value at an incredibly affordable price of approximately $68-75 USD when purchased through Chinese online retailers like Aliexpress. If that's not your preferred channel, fear not! You can also find the AMK5000S on my personal favorite platform,, priced at $98.99 USD regularly and $79.99 USD when on sale.

Now, you might be wondering what an action camera under $100 can possibly deliver. Well, brace yourself for WiFi capability, a 170-degree wide-angle lens, 20-megapixel photos, 1080p and 720p video resolutions, 720p/60 fps for smoother footage, a micro SD card slot supporting up to 64GB, a 1150mAh battery lasting up to 2.5 hours, a waterproof camera housing allowing depths of up to 30 meters, and a bundle of mounting accessories. Keep in mind that this is priced exactly the same as the original Polaroid CUBE, which came without any accessories. It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, read on to discover if the Amkov AMK5000S 1080p WiFi HD Action Camera lives up to its promising specifications!

About Amkov (Amkovery Technology Co.,Limited)


Based on Shenzhen, China, Amkov is a professional manufacturer for sports camera, action camera, dash cam, digital camera, camera lens and other cameras for over 10 years. This website is built for presenting our nice cameras and solving our consumers' problems and questions. Amkov will keep providing nice products with competitive price and good quality to you.

Amkov AMK5000S Product Overview & Features

Main Features:

  • (1080P) 30 fps(720p) 60 fps(720p) 30 fps
  • WiFi Sport Camera(Mobile App for IOS/Android)
  • Waterproof Case (up to 30 meters )
  • Compatible with Gopro accessories (except battery)

    Hardware Specifications:
  • Image Sensor: Type 20MP; CMOS OV4689 with Sunplus 6330M chipset
  • Interface: USB Micro USB;HDMI D-Type HDMI AV-OUT; Power adapter N/A; WiFi: Supports Android & IOS
  • Button/Switch Power button: Video Record button; Wi-Fi button
  • Microphone YES; Speaker N/A; Battery: Capacity LI-ION 1150mAh
  • Battery Life: 2.5 hours, FHD (1920*1080 30 fps)

Firmware Specification

  • File Format: Movie MOV, H.264; Photo JPG
  • Photo Resolution: 5152x3864(20MP)/4896x3672(18MP)/4288x3216(14MP)/4000x3000(12MP) 3648x2736(10MP)/3264x2448(8MP)/2592x1944(5MP)
  • Movie Resolution: FHD(1920*1080 30 fps),HD(1280*720 60 fps),HD(1280*720 30 fps)
  • Additional features Recycle recording, Image reversal
  • Weight 79.7g (With battery, outside case))
  • Accessories Include: 1. Helmet Strap, 2. Screws, 3. Frame + Fixed Base + Screws, 4. J-shape  Mounting, 5. Battery, 6. Fixed Base, 7. AMK5000S Camera, 8. water-proof box, 9. Elliptic 3M Sticker, 10. Quadrate 3M Sticker, 11. USB data cable (80cm), 12. Plastic Cable Tie, 13. Manual, 14. Shockproof Carrying Bag

First Impressions

When I first came across the Amkov AMK5000S, a relatively unknown brand to me, I must admit I was unsure of what to expect. However, upon unboxing, I was pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful and well-designed packaging. The compact corrugated cardboard interior and outer slip-on layer featured a captivating image of a downhill skier, clearly conveying its outdoor adventure purpose. With prominent displays of the red WiFi symbol, the words "Sports Cam," "Full HD 1080p," and "Excellent Mate For Your Phone & Tablet," there was no mistaking the intent and capabilities of this camera. If this were to be placed on store shelves, it would undoubtedly catch the eye of potential customers. However, I found it peculiar that the Amkov brand name was absent from the box.

Flipping to the back of the box, I discovered a comprehensive breakdown of the AMK5000S specifications, accompanied by a visual representation of all the included accessories. On the side of the box, two QR codes were provided, allowing for the convenient download of the Amkov WiFi app for both Android and Apple devices.

Now, let's delve into what $98.99 USD gets you in terms of accessories:

  • Amkov AMK5000S Action Camera
  • Users Manual
  • Vertical Quick Release Buckle
  • Curved Mount with 3M Adhesive
  • Flat Mount with 3M Adhesive
  • Tripod Mount
  • 3-Way Pivot Arm Mount
  • Plastic Protective Cover (For use outside of waterproof housing)
  • Secondary Vented Back Cover for Waterproof Housing
  • Thumb Screw
  • Micro USB Charger and Cable 5V/500mA
  • Wrist Band Mount
  • Cable Ties

The Amkov AMK5000S comes with a generous array of accessories to get you started. Moreover, its compatibility with the widely adopted GoPro mounting system means you'll have no trouble finding a multitude of additional accessories to expand your options in the future. Compared to other competing action cameras, the bundled accessories with the AMK5000S exceed expectations in both quantity and quality. They feel sturdy and durable, demonstrating the ability to withstand the rigors of any adventure you embark on.

The user's manual is thoughtfully translated into five different languages: English, French, Spanish, German, and Chinese. While I can only speak for the English portion, it does an admirable job of covering all aspects, including the WiFi application. Despite its compact size, the manual delivers information concisely and effectively through symbols, diagrams, and well-organized tables. Surprisingly, the English translation surpasses the quality found in many other Chinese manuals, adding to the overall positive impression of the AMK5000S.

Visual Overview

Action Camera

The Amkov AMK5000S boasts a design that closely resembles the conventional style of action cameras, bearing a striking resemblance to the older GoPro Hero 3 model with some minor variations in the body. While it lacks the unique design elements found in the Zeblaze iShot 1, such as the aluminum alloy faceplate, integrated waterproof housing, and dual LED front flash, it still maintains a functional and recognizable form. Considering its affordable price point, it's understandable that the AMK5000S may not offer a high level of uniqueness or originality in its design.

Available in three color options of black, silver, and gold, the color differences are primarily applied to the faceplate, while the rest of the body remains black. The overall body features a smooth finish. It's worth noting that all three color variants include a silver lens ring, which seems out of place on the black and gold versions. Ideally, the lens ring should match the color of the body, but in the case of the gold and black versions, it stands out noticeably.

In terms of dimensions, the Amkov AMK5000S (without any additional attachments) measures approximately 2.32" x 1.61" x 0.83" and weighs 55 grams (0.122 lbs) without the battery. With the battery included, the weight increases to 80 grams (0.176 lbs). When placed inside the clear waterproof housing, the total weight reaches 147 grams (0.324 lbs). Once you attach one of the quick release buckles and a thumbscrew, the final weight amounts to 166 grams (0.367 lbs).

Sport Cam

The construction of the AMK5000S primarily consists of plastic, and while it may not be the most robust or sturdy body in the market, it generally holds up well under normal usage. If you deliberately put pressure on it, you may notice some creaking sounds, but this isn't something you would typically encounter during regular operation. The camera can be used without the housing, as long as you exercise caution and avoid exposing it to extreme weather conditions or direct impact. However, most durability concerns are alleviated when the camera is placed inside the waterproof housing.

The waterproof housing is a standout feature, capable of protecting the AMK5000S up to a depth of 30 meters. The housing itself is impressively thick, suggesting a durable construction, possibly using polycarbonate material. It comes with a sealed back door already attached, but an additional vented back door is included in the package, offering improved audio recording compared to the sealed door. The back door is secured with a white silicone o-ring, ensuring a watertight seal. The housing provides convenient access to the power and shutter buttons, allowing for easy recording while ensuring the camera's safety.

One area where the AMK5000S falls short is the battery compartment door, which is the weakest point of the camera's design. Unfortunately, when used outside of the waterproof case, the battery door is thin and flimsy, resulting in rattling noises during camera movement. This can be quite disruptive to audio recordings. However, a simple solution to mitigate this issue is to place a small piece of tape between the battery door and the camera frame, effectively eliminating the rattling noise and ensuring a more stable operation.

WiFi 1080p

The battery compartment door release latch mechanism is another area where the AMK5000S falls short. The latch is supposed to be pressed, causing the door to pop open, but in reality, it rarely functions as intended. Instead, users are left with the options of using their fingernails to pry the door open or using a thin tool like a needle. While this problem can be resolved through alternative methods, it is a design flaw that shouldn't be present in the first place.

Regarding the design, the silver lens ring surrounding the 170° ultra-wide-angle lens stands out on the camera's front. It's unclear why this silver ring is present, as it would make more sense for the lens ring to match the camera's color. If you're seeking a discreet design, the silver lens ring may detract from that.

The AMK5000S is capable of recording video at different resolutions, including 1080p/30fps, 720p/30fps, and 720p/60fps. It is worth noting that while it can record at 60fps, this is limited to a lower resolution of 1280 x 720. The 60fps mode is suitable for capturing fast-moving subjects, such as in sports or drone footage, aiming to produce smooth, blur-free motion.

Located to the left of the lens is a small LCD display serving as the menu screen, with a mode button located directly below it. The menu system is simple, offering only four modes: 1080p/30 recording, 720p/30fps recording, 720p/60fps recording, and Photo Mode. Pressing the shutter button allows you to select and activate the desired mode for video recording or taking photos.

It's worth mentioning that the AMK5000S does not feature a rear live view LCD display like the Zeblaze iShot1, which means all access and settings are controlled through the front LCD display. Due to this limitation, adjusting complex camera settings within the camera itself is not possible. Out of the box, the camera operates in a straightforward manner, automatically handling most settings. Amkov designed the AMK5000S to be used in conjunction with a smartphone or tablet via its integrated WiFi capabilities for a more comprehensive experience.

Other camera settings, such as white balance, AE metering modes, file recording length, and EV compensation value, can only be changed outside of the camera through the Amkov WiFi app. This can be seen as both a positive and negative aspect, depending on individual preferences. On one hand, the AMK5000S is easy to use with its limited modes, but on the other hand, it becomes inconvenient to have to rely on a smartphone, enable WiFi on the camera, establish a connection, and launch the app just to change a single setting. This unnecessary multi-step process can become frustrating for users. Additionally, the Amkov WiFi app may not be as intuitive as other options on the market and lacks certain settings found in other action camera apps.

Furthermore, an unusual omission is the lack of mention of the Image Reversal feature in the user manual, Amkov WiFi app, or even on the camera itself through an icon on the LCD display. It is a puzzling oversight by Amkov not to highlight this functionality, as users would have no way of knowing about the feature unless they read external press materials or stumbled upon it accidentally. This omission raises questions about the company's approach to showcasing all the features of their product.

To the right of the mode button on the front of the camera, two LED lights are present. One functions as a charge indicator, while the other serves as an activity LED light, indicating file transfer or video recording when connected to a computer. Additionally, there are symbols for WiFi and 1080p displayed on the camera.


At the top of the AMK5000S, there is a diamond pattern that surrounds the camera. Additionally, there are microphone holes and the shutter button, which is used for capturing photos or recording videos. Just above the shutter button, to the right, there is another LED indicator light that blinks when the camera is recording video or capturing a photo.


At the bottom of the AMK5000S, there are additional vent holes that help in capturing audio through the microphone. These vent holes enhance the microphone's ability to pick up audio effectively.


On the right side of the AMK5000S, there is an LED indicator light at the top, which is specifically used for WiFi operation. Below that, there is a WiFi symbol button that is pressed to activate the internal WiFi feature. When pressed, the top LED light will flash to indicate WiFi activation. The LED on this side is solely dedicated to WiFi functionality.

Moving to the back of the camera, you will find the Amkov AMK5000S logo, along with input and output information. The battery compartment door and the battery compartment door release latch mechanism are also located on the back. Additionally, there is another LED activity light situated in the lower left-hand corner of the camera.


On the left side of the AMK5000S, there is another LED activity light, a micro HDMI output jack (cable not included), a micro USB charge port, and a micro SD card slot. It's worth noting that the camera does not come with a micro HDMI cable.

The inclusion of multiple LED activity lights on the AMK5000S is a notable feature. With LED lights present on every side of the camera except the bottom, users can easily see the camera's status from any angle. The continuous blinking of lights indicates video recording, while a quick flashing indicates photo capture. Additionally, one LED is dedicated to WiFi operation.

However, it would have been a nice addition if Amkov had included audible beeps to complement the LED activity lights. These beeps could have provided audio cues when turning on or off the camera, as well as when starting or stopping recording. While the absence of audible tones may initially seem acceptable, the lack of a rear LCD screen on the AMK5000S could make audio cues a helpful addition, similar to what the original Polaroid CUBE offered.

The Amkov AMK5000S - Is It Any Good?

The firmware version of the Amkov AMK5000S being tested is 2.13, which is the latest version available at the time of the review.

After using the Amkov AMK5000S intermittently for approximately two months and considering its performance, features, and bundle, I must say that it offers excellent value, especially considering its price tag of under $100 (even lower when on sale). In my opinion, it meets and even surpasses the expectations of a good action camera.

When it comes to performance capabilities, the Amkov AMK5000S stands out as the best action camera we've tested thus far, particularly regarding its video and audio performance compared to other models. It records video and audio at higher bit-rates than any other action camera we've tested up to December 2015.

However, no product is without its flaws, and the AMK5000S is no exception. While it has more positives than negatives overall, some users may find the negatives to be distracting and potentially deal-breaking. Most of these issues arise from the software application, with one hardware-related problem concerning the WiFi functionality. I will let you assess these concerns for yourselves. I will provide you with all the observations and experiences I've had, including real-world test footage samples, so that you can make an informed decision based on your own preferences and needs.

Amkov-icam WiFi Software App

Amkov iCam WiFi

The Amkov-icam WiFi app is available on the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. Both versions of the app should be the same, and for this review, the Android version was used.

It seems to be a recurring trend that Chinese action cameras do not have the best WiFi applications. These apps are often not very user-friendly, basic in functionality, and prone to crashing. Unfortunately, the Amkov WiFi app follows this tradition.

Since the Amkov AMK5000S does not come with a rear live view LCD screen, the Amkov WiFi app is necessary to fully utilize the camera's features. This reliance on the app can be both advantageous and disadvantageous, as even basic settings adjustments require its use.

To establish a wireless connection with the AMK5000S, follow these simple steps, which should take less than a minute initially and under 15 seconds for subsequent attempts:

1. Use the QR code on the side of the box to download the Amkov-icam application on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Press the WiFi button once on the right side of the AMK5000S to activate WiFi. The LED indicator light will turn green.

3. On your Android or iOS device, go to wireless settings and connect to the SSID iDVB50802985. Use the default password 1234567890 to establish the connection.

4. Launch the Amkov-icam app on your device. It will wirelessly connect to the action camera, and you will see a live video feed.

The Amkov-icam app allows you to perform the following actions using your smartphone or tablet:

- Record videos

- Capture still photos

- Adjust in-camera settings

- View videos and photos from the AMK5000S through WiFi in playback mode

- Download videos and photos from the AMK5000S to your device

One notable achievement with the Amkov AMK5000S is its excellent WiFi live video feed delay performance. Unlike other Chinese action cameras, which often exhibit a noticeable one-second delay, the AMK5000S offers virtually no delay, providing an almost instantaneous feed. This implementation by Amkov is commendable.

Unfortunately, the Amkov-icam application itself is not stable. It frequently crashes in various scenarios, seemingly at random. Crashes occurred when initiating video recording, attempting to play back videos and pictures, and downloading content from the camera to the smartphone. While restarting the app usually resolves the issue, there were instances where the app froze and failed to reconnect with the action camera, indicating that the camera's WiFi was off despite the SSID connection remaining active on the device. Such erratic behavior can be frustrating.

The most serious issue encountered with the Amkov AMK5000S and Amkov-icam combination was hardware-related. After a crash, the app refused to reconnect, and even attempts to turn off the camera or change modes proved futile. The camera became unresponsive, necessitating the removal of the battery as a last resort. This hardware failure is distinct from app crashes and highlights a more severe problem.

Overall, WiFi operation with the Amkov AMK5000S is unreliable. When it functions properly, the user experience is excellent. However, when crashes or unresponsiveness occur, it becomes a cumbersome task to deal with. If WiFi usage is not essential, users would be better off, as the AMK5000S performs flawlessly in other aspects.

Regarding the available options for switching between video recording and picture modes, the Amkov AMK5000S offers a reasonable range of in-camera settings. However, I found them to be basic and lacking some desired options, which I will discuss later. Additionally, certain app settings were confusing.

For example , it was unclear whether the options in the Picture Mode settings would affect the Video mode. The AE Metering Mode, for instance, appeared in the Picture Mode settings but not in the Video Mode settings. This discrepancy led to confusion about whether AE Metering was only available in Picture Mode or if the settings carried over to Video mode as well. Eventually, it was determined that AE Metering does apply to both pictures and videos. This ambiguity in the app was a source of confusion, but having a live video feed helped verify real-time changes.

Another setting that lacked clarity and required improvement was the Date Stamp setting. The options provided were OFF, Date, and Date and time, with no manual date and time input available. It was unclear how the date and time were determined. Selecting Date or Date and time would use the values from the respective device at the time of selection. In other words, the app would use the date and time from the smartphone or tablet. While there was no direct method to set the date and time within the app, a workaround was discovered. By adjusting the date and clock settings on the device, it was possible to "manually" set the date and time for the action camera.

Picture Quality

Amkov promotes the AMK5000S as capable of capturing 20-megapixel still photos. However, this claim is misleading because the true native resolution of the OV4689 sensor is 4 megapixels.

Interestingly, there is no available option for a 4-megapixel photo resolution. The closest choices to the native resolution are 5 megapixels or 3 megapixels. Opting for the 5-megapixel setting will involve slight software interpolation but is generally acceptable. It is recommended to stick with 3-megapixel photos when using the Amkov AMK5000S.

Selecting the 20-megapixel interpolated resolution will result in images filled with strange pixels, blockiness, fuzziness, and artifacts. The resulting quality will be poor, and it is advisable to avoid using this setting.

When using the Amkov-icam WiFi app, you can adjust the following still photo settings:

  • EV Value: -2.0 to +2.0
  • Self Timer: Off, 2s, 10s
  • Photo Resolution: 20M, 18M, 14M, 12M, 10M, 8M, 5M, 3M, 2M, VGA
  • Continuous Shooting: Off, 3 photos, 5 photos
  • White Balance: AUTO, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Incandescent
  • Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
  • Date Stamp: Off, Date, Date and Time
  • AE Metering: Center, Multi, Spot
  • ISO: Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600
  • Color Effect: Normal, Monochrome, Sepia, Negative, Red, Green, Blue
  • Scene: Off, Landscape, Indoor Scenery, Portrait, Night Scenery, Sport
  • Format Camera
  • Reset Camera

Through my experience testing various action cameras, including the AMK5000S, I have found that they generally capture decent photos without any exceptional qualities that set them apart. High-quality photography is best left to dedicated cameras. However, among the action cameras I have tested so far, the AMK5000S manages to produce the best photos at its native resolution. This is largely due to the strength of its sensor and chipset combination, which allows for accurate white balance and faithful color reproduction. The photos exhibit good color saturation, fine detail, and overall sharpness.

During my two months of testing the Amkov AMK5000S, I have identified its strengths and weaknesses. One issue that affects both its photo and video quality is its susceptibility to lens flare, particularly in bright sunny conditions. As a result, red spots and circles may occasionally appear in photos and videos taken with this action camera. Under these specific conditions, the lens flare and slight chromatic aberrations become more pronounced. Amkov could have improved the situation by either selecting or applying better coatings, such as anti-reflective (AR) coatings, to the lens to minimize and prevent these lens flares from appearing in AMK5000S footage.

The only drawback I have noticed with the AMK5000S's photo-taking ability is that in certain scenarios, the photos can appear washed out and unappealing. I attribute this to the autofocus system of the camera occasionally misjudging and not selecting the correct ISO and shutter speed for the photo. Some photos turn out sharp and visually pleasing, while others appear dull and lackluster due to the camera's autofocus system being misled. Fortunately, this issue does not manifest in video recordings

. If I were to suggest improvements to the still photo settings menu in the Amkov-icam app, I would recommend adding options to adjust the following parameters:

1. Color saturation levels

2. Contrast levels

3. Sharpness levels

4. Brightness/Gamma levels

5. Ability to select custom Kelvin temperatures

6. HDR mode

Incorporating these options would provide users with greater control over their photos and enhance the versatility of the AMK5000S as an action camera.

Camera Sample Images ("20MP" Resolution)

RAW Photo Sample #1 - RAW Photo Sample #2 - RAW Photo Sample #3 - RAW Photo Sample #4  RAW Photo Sample #5 - RAW Photo Sample #6 - RAW Photo Sample #7 - RAW Photo Sample #8 

Video Quality

In my recent reviews of the original Polaroid CUBE and Zeblaze iShot1 action cameras, I emphasized the importance of "bitrates" and their impact on video quality. While bitrates are not the sole determinant of video quality, they play a significant role in capturing various aspects of detail. Higher video bitrates result in better image quality, including cleaner video with fewer artifacts and grain, improved sharpness, and reduced blockiness in fast-moving scenes. However, it's important to note that higher video bitrates also increase file size, which can affect battery life. Therefore, finding the right balance is essential.

In my review of the Polaroid CUBE HD, I highlighted its low video bitrate of 8 Mbps, which severely impacted the video quality. The compression artifacts were noticeable, particularly in scenes with windy blowing leaves, resulting in blocky pixel artifacts. The lack of sharpness was also evident, making it difficult to discern details like the lines between individual bricks on a house or even the house number. These shortcomings were a direct consequence of the low bitrate chosen for recording.

The Zeblaze iShot1 improved upon this bitrate compromise by recording at a fixed video bitrate of 12 Mbps. While it was a step up from the Polaroid CUBE, there was still room for improvement. Nonetheless, the Zeblaze iShot1 didn't suffer from the same faults as the Polaroid CUBE.

Now, let's focus on the Amkov AMK5000S, which sets itself apart by offering variable video bitrates. Equipped with OmniVision's 4-megapixel OV4689 CMOS sensor and the Sunplus 6330M chipset, the AMK5000S records video in H.264 MPEG-4 AVC 1080p/30 fps. This camera stands out as the first one I've tested that doesn't have a fixed video bitrate. During my outdoor video footage tests, I observed bitrates ranging from 17.0 to 23.2 Mbps, with occasional dark indoor footage reaching an impressive 34.0 Mbps. This puts the AMK5000S in a league of its own, surpassing the Zeblaze iShot1 and Polaroid CUBE by a significant margin in terms of video bitrate.

As a result of its variable video bitrate, a typical 5-minute video file recorded by the AMK5000S occupies 635 MB, compared to469 MB on the Zeblaze iShot1 and only 290 MB on the Polaroid CUBE. It's important to note that the size of recordings can vary depending on the scene, so I recommend using a larger micro SD card for the AMK5000S to accommodate the increased file sizes.

Amkov claims that the AMK5000S offers 170° vision with its ultra-wide-angle lens, and based on my experience, I have no reason to doubt them. The frame captures a wider perspective compared to both the supposed 170° Zeblaze iShot1 and the 124° Polaroid CUBE. If the Amkov AMK5000S manages to provide an even wider shot than the Zeblaze, despite both claiming 170°, it suggests that Zeblaze may have been exaggerating its lens capabilities, possibly offering only around 130-140° of vision.

Despite lacking a rear live view LCD screen, the AMK5000S compensates by providing everything you need in the video through its super wide-angle lens. The lens captures an extremely wide field of view, resulting in a slight curvature of objects and lines. As you get closer to the subject, you'll notice an increased fisheye effect. Overall, the video quality produced by the AMK5000S is the best among the three action cameras I've tested so far, which is evident when examining the footage.

The AMK5000S excels in several areas. First, it consistently delivers better automatic white balance compared to the Zeblaze iShot1 and Polaroid CUBE. The AMK5000S tends to select the most natural white balance settings correctly.

Second, the AMK5000S offers superior color rendition compared to other action cameras I've tested. The higher video bitrate has undoubtedly contributed to this improvement, resulting in more saturated colors that remain visually appealing and natural when played back on an HDTV.

Third, the AMK5000S outperforms its competitors in low-light conditions by a significant margin. Again, the higher variable video bitrate of the AMK5000S plays a crucial role in its superior performance. In side-by-side comparisons with the Zeblaze iShot1, even with the front LED lights of the Zeblaze illuminating the subject, the AMK5000S produces cleaner video with fewer grain and artifacts, offering better overall detail. It's worth mentioning that I would have appreciated an HDR mode to further enhance the AMK5000S's low-light capabilities. While the camera still requires some source of light for decent-looking footage at night, I believe the AMK5000S has a somewhat harsh contrast, often resulting in non-existent shadows.

It's important to consider that the capabilities of the image sensor, coupled with the small sensor size used in these action cameras, impose limitations on their performance in low-light scenarios. Creating bright-looking night footage is challenging, and the AMK5000S's performance stands out among its peers.

In terms of sharpness, I noticed a slight difference between the Amkov AMK5000S and the Zeblaze iShot1 action camera. The AMK5000S's image appears to be slightly softer, possibly due to firmware optimizations. It seems that Zeblaze chose to incorporate more sharpening in their image processing. Unfortunately, the AMK5000S lacks the option to adjust the sharpness level in its image settings. It would have been beneficial if Amkov included this option in the Amkov-icam firmware, and I hope they consider adding it in future updates.

In outdoor conditions with bright lighting, the AMK5000S performs admirably. The higher bitrate available to the camera contributes to overall better footage quality and enhances its performance in various aspects.

Out of the box, I noticed that the AMK5000S tends to prioritize metering the sky, resulting in decreased exposure for the areas below the sky, making them appear darker. This behavior is associated with the camera's default Multi metering mode. To overcome this, I recommend changing the AE Metering setting to Center or Spot in specific scenarios. Personally, I found that setting it to Center greatly improved the exposure.

One aspect that I found to be a little excessive on the AMK5000S footage is the contrast. The camera tends to crush blacks, causing the shadows to become too dark and eliminating detail. The contrast is a bit too harsh for my liking. This issue could be addressed through additional settings such as brightness/gamma level adjustments or even the inclusion of an HDR mode. Unfortunately, the basic settings in Amkov-icam lack these options, which could have further enhanced the camera's performance. I hope that Amkov considers adding contrast level, brightness/gamma level, HDR mode, and sharpness level options in future firmware releases.

Regarding dynamic range, the AMK5000S performs reasonably well with its 4-megapixel OmniVision OV4689 CMOS sensor. However, I believe the Zeblaze iShot1, equipped with an older Sony 322 image sensor, offers better overall dynamic range. The AMK5000S occasionally suffers from blown highlights, where bright areas lose detail due to being captured as excessively bright colors. For example, clouds, which should exhibit different shades of white, appear as uniformly white when the camera's dynamic range is limited. This is an area where the AMK5000S could be improved.

The AMK5000S is the first action camera I've tested to feature 60 fps recording capability, although it is limited to lower-resolution 720p modes. This feature is particularly useful for capturing fast-moving subjects, such as those found in a hockey game or the movement of a Quadcopter drone. The purpose of 60 fps recording is to produce fluid, motion-blur-free videos compared to the regular 30 fps recordings.

When it comes to video quality, I highly recommend sticking with 1080p resolution on the AMK5000S. The higher video bitrate associated with this resolution offers numerous benefits and enhances overall video quality. On the other hand, I found the 720p footage of the AMK5000S disappointing due to the drop in video bitrate, ranging from 8.7 to 10.0 Mbps. This lower bitrate leads to softness, blockiness, pixelation, and aliasing issues, similar to what I observed with the Polaroid CUBE. The only instance where I would consider using 720p on the AMK5000S is for its 60 fps recording, which increases the bitrate to around 12.0 to 13.5 Mbps, although some degradation is still noticeable.

1080p + 720p + 720p/60 fps Samples (YouTube)

Please note that the original video files captured by the AMK5000S are generally cleaner than what you may see on YouTube. YouTube applies additional compression to video uploads to optimize efficiency, which can impact quality. The original AMK5000S video files exhibit fewer blocky pixels and artifacts compared to what you might observe on YouTube due to this compression. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that YouTube tends to increase the brightness of videos, so the footage may appear brighter than the original, which typically has more contrast and is slightly darker. Keep this in mind as a general expectation when viewing AMK5000S videos on YouTube.

Note: To access and view the 60fps footage, you may need to click "Watch on"


Sound Quality

Among the action cameras I've tested, the Amkov AMK5000S excels at recording audio and surpasses the Zeblaze iShot1 and Polaroid CUBE by a significant margin.

The CUBE suffered from muffled and unclear audio quality. While the Zeblaze iShot1 improved upon this with less muffled audio, it still lacked clarity and output.

In contrast, the Amkov AMK5000S delivers the best audio performance I've encountered in an action camera so far, and it outshines the competition by a large margin. The audio from the AMK5000S exhibits remarkable clarity, pleasant tones, and a natural sound.

Interestingly, the AMK5000S achieves superior audio quality due to less compression and a higher bitrate being recorded to the file. It also features increased gain, resulting in louder overall output. Like most action cameras I've tested, the AMK5000S records in mono rather than stereo. However, it utilizes 16-bit PCM format with a variable audio bitrate typically ranging from 700 to 850 kbps, and a higher 44,000 KHz sampling rate.

Although an external microphone option would have been desirable, it is not available in the AMK5000S. Additionally, wind gusts can negatively impact audio quality, which is a common issue across all action cameras. It would have been beneficial if Amkov-icam included a wind cut option, but unfortunately, that is not the case. If desired, you can mitigate wind noise by placing a piece of foam in front of the microphone.

Is It Waterproof?


Although I couldn't verify the Amkov AMK5000S's ability to withstand submersion up to 30 meters, I conducted some tests to assess its waterproofing capabilities. I dropped the camera into a small pond and submerged it in my sink filled with water. In both instances, the AMK5000S passed the tests without any issues. No water entered the camera, demonstrating its effective waterproofing.

The housing door of the AMK5000S features a thick seal, and the locking latch mechanism requires a significant amount of force to open and close, ensuring a watertight seal. Based on my observations, I don't anticipate any problems as long as the camera remains inside the waterproof housing.

Battery Life

According to Amkov's claims, the AMK5000S action camera is said to be capable of recording up to 2.5 hours in the highest 1080p/30 fps setting. However, in my testing, I was unable to achieve that specific battery life. Instead, the AMK5000S performed similarly to the Zeblaze iShot1 action camera, which has a 1050mAh capacity battery.

On average, the AMK5000S provided a battery life of 2 hours and 3 minutes before its 1150mAh battery was completely drained. In comparison, the Zeblaze iShot1 achieved a maximum battery life of 2 hours and 5 minutes with its 1050mAh battery. Therefore, the battery times between the two cameras were virtually identical.

Where Can I Buy One?  And For How Much?

As of now, the Amkov AMK5000S HD Action Camera is available for purchase on Amazon (USA) at a discounted price of $79.99 USD, with free shipping. This price is below the regular cost of $98.99 USD, making it a great value, especially when buying from a reputable retailer like Amazon. The camera is shipped by a third party but fulfilled by Amazon, ensuring the protection and peace of mind that comes with their services.

Please note that there are limited quantities available at this price. The silver model has 17 units left in stock, the gold color has 18 units left, and the black color has 19 units left.

EDIT: There is an updated sale price of $49.99 USD for the Amkov AMK5000S. To take advantage of this deal, you can use the coupon code 2UJXELLZ at checkout, which reduces the price to $44.99 USD. It's a fantastic deal, so act quickly! You can click on the links below for more information.


Amazon is a popular choice for many people due to its fast and reliable service, honest practices, and excellent return policy. They have a reputation for providing good customer support and going above and beyond to resolve issues. In your case, they even refunded the overcharged duty costs, which demonstrates their integrity as a company.

If you're considering purchasing the Amkov AMK5000S HD Action Camera or any other products, using the Amazon link provided above would greatly support us.

For readers outside of North America, you can purchase the Amkov AMK5000S action camera through Aliexpress and the Official Amkov Global Flagship Store. The camera is priced at $73.93 USD, and if you want the additional optional carrying case, it is available for $79.99 USD. Aliexpress is a reliable platform for international buyers to find a wide range of products.

Some Amazon Deals That May Interest You!


The Amkov AMK5000S action camera offers great value in the action camera market, especially considering its price point below $100. It becomes an even better deal when it goes on sale, typically priced around $68-75 USD. With its ability to record in 1080p and 720p/60fps, as well as integrated WiFi for live video streaming to smartphones or tablets, the AMK5000S provides a comprehensive set of features.

One notable aspect is the almost instant WiFi video feed, which reflects Amkov's efforts in achieving optimal performance in that area. While the AMK5000S may not introduce anything groundbreaking or have the most robust build quality compared to other options, it performs well in most aspects, particularly excelling in 1080p video recording, audio quality, and battery life, lasting a little over 2 hours.

It's important to acknowledge that the AMK5000S has its flaws, including issues with WiFi operation and app stability, as well as a lack of certain functions and settings that could have improved its overall performance. The inconvenience of having to use a smartphone or tablet to change settings instead of having direct control on the camera itself is a drawback. Additionally, the "Image Reversal" feature, which can flip the image by pressing the WiFi button for 3 seconds, is an undocumented feature that could easily go unnoticed by users.

Nevertheless, the Amkov AMK5000S caters to a specific niche of users who don't want to spend significantly more money on an action camera that might be subject to potential damage or destruction in action-packed environments. Considering its affordable price point, the AMK5000S is hard to beat for those seeking a reliable device under $100. Overall, it can be considered a good action camera choice.