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By: Michael Phrakaysone


We exist in a world vastly different from that of half a century ago. In today's society, mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives, serving as our means of communication, conduits for business transactions, and sources of entertainment. Some argue that our dependence on technology has reached a point where it has profoundly impacted various aspects of our existence, particularly in social contexts. The potential consequences of a computer infrastructure crash for businesses today would be catastrophic, effectively halting the world as we know it. Similarly, the shift away from pencils and paper in schools has resulted in the loss of the art of cursive writing, which was once a fundamental skill taught to every child. The advent of tablets and notebooks has rendered it obsolete. Undoubtedly, technology has ushered in significant changes, both positive and negative.

Despite the remarkable advancements in device capabilities, battery technology has not progressed at a similar pace. While our devices have become increasingly powerful, the development of battery technology has remained stagnant. It is disheartening that we continue to rely on the same battery technologies we had years ago.

However, this is where rechargeable power banks have emerged as a savior, experiencing a surge in popularity. These portable devices allow us to replenish the power of our USB-dependent devices on the go, during emergencies, or in situations where access to a traditional AC power outlet is limited.

Interestingly, one might wonder why portable power banks have not integrated AC power outlets into their designs. By doing so, they would not only facilitate the charging and powering of non-USB devices but also enable us to operate larger devices such as laptops, lamps, fans, and portable lighting systems while on the move. Envision a scenario where such a device becomes the perfect accessory for charging a DJI Phantom drone during outdoor expeditions. The possibilities are endless, from camping trips and picnics to boating excursions and RV adventures.

Fortunately, I am thrilled to share that an AC outlet-integrated power bank does exist, although it remains relatively uncommon in the market. Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to the XCELLON 12,000mAh Rechargeable Power Bank with AC & USB Outlet, a product offered by the company XCELLON.

In this review, we will explore the features and capabilities of the XCELLON PB-1200AC, a 12,000mAh power bank equipped with both an AC outlet and a USB port. With a power output of up to 65W, this versatile device can charge and power a wide range of electronics. Its capacity to support devices such as the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which consumes approximately 60W, exemplifies its impressive capabilities.

Without further ado, let us embark on a comprehensive review of the XCELLON 12,000mAh Rechargeable Power Bank with AC & USB Outlet (PB-1200AC).

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XCELLON PB-1200AC Product Overview 

XCELLON 12,000mAh

XCELLON PB-1200AC Product Features

  • Charges Mobile Devices and Laptops
  • Powers Electronics Requiring up to 65W
  • Battery Fully Charges in Three Hours
  • LED Power Level Indicators
  • Includes Universal AC Adapter, Pouch

AC Power Bank

XCELLON PB-1200AC Product Specifications


First Impressions


The XCELLON PB-1200AC 12,000mAh power bank with AC & USB outlet arrives in a compact and eco-friendly packaging. The design of the packaging is simple, featuring a blue strip on the side, a prominent product image on the front, and detailed product information on the rear. The power bank is available exclusively in black, with no other color options.

One notable aspect of the packaging is its eco-friendly approach, as it solely utilizes paper instead of plastic. This choice enhances recycling efforts, making it easier and more effective compared to packaging that solely consists of plastic. Given the abundance of plastic waste in our landfills, which is often difficult to recycle due to the various plastic variations, opting for paper packaging ensures a higher likelihood of proper recycling since all paper can be recycled.

Although the packaging does not specify the type of internal rechargeable battery used in the XCELLON PB-1200AC, given its 12,000mAh power output, it is likely equipped with cylindrical Lithium-Ion 18650 batteries or possibly a Lithium-Polymer battery. Unfortunately, I was unable to disassemble the unit for verification, as it was securely sealed. Nonetheless, this demonstrates the robust build quality of the power bank.

Upon purchasing the XCELLON PB-1200AC 12,000mAh power bank with AC & USB outlet, the following items are included:

AC Adapter

Charging Cable

Universal AC Plug Adapter

Carry Pouch

Limited 1-Year Warranty

The provided carry pouch is a drawstring bag featuring the XCELLON brand name on the front. Its purpose is to safeguard the power bank from scratches while on the move. However, it is important to note that the pouch does not offer protection against impacts, so handling the power bank with care is still necessary.

To facilitate international use, a universal AC plug adapter is included, enabling compatibility with various plug types from different regions. Simply plug the adapter into the power bank to accommodate your specific plug style, even if it is from overseas.

One aspect missing from the bundle, which should have been included, is rubber feet for the underside of the power bank. The absence of these feet can lead to slippage on certain surfaces, so extra caution is required.

It is worth mentioning that the bundle does not include a USB charge cable. XCELLON assumes users will utilize the USB cable provided with their own devices for charging purposes.

Visual Overview

The XCELLON PB-1200AC 12,000mAh power bank with AC & USB outlet is designed with portability in mind, featuring dimensions of 5.11" x 5.11" x 1.0". This compact size allows it to easily fit into various carrying bags such as laptop bags, purses, and backpacks, making it a convenient companion for users on the go. Weighing approximately 438 grams or 0.964 lbs, it strikes a balance between providing a substantial power capacity and remaining lightweight, ensuring that it won't add excessive bulk to your belongings. Whether you're traveling, commuting, or simply need a reliable power source for your devices, the XCELLON PB-1200AC is designed to be portable and convenient.


The XCELLON PB-1200AC power bank with AC & USB outlets exudes a sense of quality and durability. Its solid construction ensures there is no flex or strange noises, instilling confidence in its reliability. While the power bank utilizes plastic materials, the overall build feels robust and features a thicker and tougher plastic than what is typically found in similar products.

With a sleek and minimalist design, the XCELLON PB-1200AC showcases curved edges and a smooth finish on its exterior surface. Positioned on the top of the power bank is a single 3-prong AC outlet that supports the ground prong, providing a convenient way to power devices requiring an AC power source. However, it is worth noting that the plastic cover protecting the AC outlet could have been more securely integrated into the design to prevent loss.

Located at the bottom of the XCELLON PB-1200AC power bank, there is product information detailing its specifications. It reveals that the product is manufactured in China and utilizes a Li-ion battery. The input voltage for recharging is specified as 20V / 2A maximum, while the AC output is rated at 120V ~60Hz (65W Max). Additionally, the USB output voltage is listed as 5V / 2.4A maximum. Regulatory symbols, including FCC conformity and CE certification for Europe, are also present. However, it is important to note that the power bank does not possess UL Certification or Underwriter Laboratories safety certification for Canada or the US. The manual indicates that the power bank incorporates safety features such as Anti-Short protection, Surge and Overload Protection, and Overheating Protection, providing users with added peace of mind.


Located on the right side of the XCELLON PB-1200AC power bank, you'll find an USB charge port capable of delivering up to 2.4A of power. When in operation, the port illuminates in a vibrant blue color, accentuated by the LED surrounding it. Adjacent to the USB port are four small blue pinhole LEDs that serve as battery charge indicators. Pressing the plastic chrome power ON/OFF button activates these LEDs, allowing you to check the current battery charge status. Each LED represents 25% capacity, providing a total of four LEDs for a complete 100% capacity display. Additionally, a convenient switch is positioned to control the AC outlet, allowing you to easily turn it on or off. Once the AC outlet is switched on, a red LED situated to the right of the switch is illuminated, indicating its active status.

Upon unboxing the XCELLON PB-1200AC power bank, you'll find that the battery arrives in a depleted state and requires initial charging. This is a common practice for lithium-ion products, as they are shipped with low charge levels for safety and to optimize battery longevity. As stated in the manual, it takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the power bank. During the charging process, the four small blue pinhole LEDs will alternate, providing a visual representation of the battery charging progress. Once the charging is complete, the alternating LED pattern ceases, indicating that the battery is fully charged.

Moving to the top side profile of the power bank, you'll find the AC input jack, where a 40W notebook-style I.T.E charger is used to charge the power bank. This charger is of high quality and meets regulatory standards, boasting certifications such as FCC, CE, and Underwriter Laboratories Canada/US. It is worth noting that XCELLON has taken care to provide a reliable and safe charging solution, ensuring the power bank is accompanied by a trustworthy AC adapter.

On the backside of the device, there is an area for improvement. XCELLON could have included four rubber feet on each end to prevent the power bank from sliding on various surfaces. Currently, there are only four plastic dimples that slightly elevate the device, but they do not effectively prevent it from sliding. This omission detracts from an otherwise well-designed power bank.

Results - How Does It work?

One of the great features of the XCELLON PB-1200AC power bank is the ability to simultaneously use both the USB and AC outlets. This means that you can recharge your smartphone and power up your MacBook at the same time if desired.

However, it is crucial to ensure that you do not exceed the maximum power rating of 65 watts specified by the manufacturer. It is always a good practice to double-check the wattage requirements of your electronic devices before plugging them into the AC outlet. Going over the maximum wattage can potentially overload the power bank. Thankfully, the XCELLON PB-1200AC is equipped with internal circuitry designed to protect against overload, anti-short, and overheating. If the power bank detects that the wattage exceeds its limits, it will simply not function to prevent any damage.

To determine the wattage of your AC device, you can refer to the rating indicated on the back of the power supply. Multiply the output voltage by the output amperage to calculate the wattage. For example, if your netbook AC adapter has an output voltage of 19V and an output amperage of 2.1A, you would multiply 19V by 2.1A, resulting in a total of 39.9 watts. Similarly, if you have a larger notebook AC adapter with an output voltage of 19V and an output amperage of 3.42A, the total wattage would be 64.98 watts, nearing the XCELLON PB-1200AC's maximum rating of 65W.

By being mindful of the wattage requirements and utilizing the AC outlet within the power bank's specified limits, you can effectively and safely power your devices without any issues.

ManualUSB ACCharging

Some Examples of What Can Be Powered

LEDDremelSmartphoneLaptopAC LaptopAC DroneUSB Drone

Where Can I Buy One?  And For How Much?

The XCELLON PB-1200AC power bank with AC & USB outlet is available for purchase at B&H Photo for $99.95 USD. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be listed on Amazon.com at the moment.


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The XCELLON PB-1200AC power bank has proven to be an invaluable companion during my quadcopter flying sessions and outdoor adventures. Not only does it provide the necessary power for my Quadcopter Drone, but it also offers the convenience of charging notebooks and other devices out in the field. With its 12,000mAh capacity, AC outlet, and USB charging capabilities, this power bank ensures that I have more than enough power to keep my quadcopter flying and my notebooks charged wherever I go. The durable build and sleek design further enhance its appeal. At a price of $99.95 USD from B&H Photo, the XCELLON PB-1200AC is a highly recommended solution for reliable and versatile power on the go.