AMK Computers Colour Changing LED Review


Welcome to another review at Today we are going to take a quick run-down on the AMK colour changing LED.

Have a need for LED’s? Want to brighten up your case? Today we are going to take a look at the colour changing LED’s that AMK Computers was king enough to let us review.  Will it be good enough for your hard earned money?  Let's find out.

The product comes packaged in a brown bubble wrapped envelope with only the LED. It operates via 4-pin connector, or you can place it in one of your 3-pin motherboard connectors.

The clear LED does a transition between purple, red, green, blue, and a yellowish colour. I did notice that specific colour's were brighter than others.

One thing that I liked about the product was the long wire it attains. It makes it convenient to store across a tall case enclosure.

Have a look of the LED in action.

113KB. Requires latest version of Windows Media Player to view properly.

As you can see, it’s a very cool looking product.

Even though it looks cool, there are many things that would make it much better. The use of 5-10 LED’s connected to one Molex connector would be appreciated and would help brighten up the inside of a case much better. This is a good product, but not good enough to recommended for the enthusiast who wants lights! It’s small potatoes to me.

I rate it a…


Pros + Cons

+ Unique
+ Long wire means you can place anywhere
+ Some colour's are bright
- LED’s take little wattage, 5-10 connected together would be great
- Not really ground-breaking

Thanks goes out to AMK Computers for making this review possible.



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