Akasa AK 171 Copper Ram Sink Review


Today we shift our focus on the Akasa Copper Memory Ramsinks.

Let me start of again by thanking Adrian from Akasa for making this product review possible.

In the package contained: 1 Copper Ramsink (2 different sides) with pre-applied ShinEtsu Thermal Interface, and one spacer for single sided memory.


Installation for a Crucial 256 MB DDR memory stick was a breeze. All you need to do is to make sure that when placing the memory module in one side of the ramsink that the memory module is touching the surface area of the ShinEtsu material.

Remove any stickers or materials present on your memory module. Now, just position it so that the memory on the ram stick touch the pre-applied ShinEtsu thermal compound.

Now grab the other side and do the same, only this time after you have placed both sides together you have to use the 2 retaining clips to hold it in place. See the two vertical guidelines from left to right? That's where they both snap into place. After those easy steps you will finish the product. In this case my memory is a 256MB DDR233 Chip by Crucial.


All though I did not have any equipment to test if these lowered temperatures of the ram itself, I am 99.9% sure it does what it should do. The ramsinks feel very cool to the touch also due to the fact I have very good air circulation in my case. A little warm also. This tells us that heat is being transferred from the ShinEtsu to the copper sinks itself, dissipating heat.

All in all, a KICKASS product!

Final Rate (without temps tested): 9/10

Pros and Cons

+ Basically a 3 step process

+Make ram modules look pretty

+ Cooper

+ Helps with overclocking

- Copper has spots on it



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