LapWorks 4-port USB Hub + USB Light Review


Are you in need of having portable light when you are lugging around your laptop? Or do you want a light that can help you save some money when you use your home PC at night?
How about USB? Are you always running out of your two USB ports? Well sometimes I have and needed to find a way to expand my connections. You could always purchase a USB bracket, but that’s too much and not portable.

Today we are taking a look at two new products from LapWorks. The LapWorks USB LED Light and the LapWorks 4-port USB Hub. We will go over the Light first, then the hub right after.

Both products arrived in perfect condition via Fed Ex. They were wrapped in bubble wrapping to prevent any damage.

The LapWorks USB Light is a portable USB enabled light that is greenish colored and does not sag.

The LapWorks USB Light is operated via simple circuit that houses two solid state LED’s.  The presentation was nice and informative.


  • LED’s last up to 8,000 hours
  • Plugs right into a USB port
  • White LED’s provide enough to see keyboard
  • Small and fits anywhere
  • Durable and non-sagging

As you can see, the LapWorks USB Light is very attractive.  The wires are strong to stay in any position you choose

The two LED's up close.

We will be showing you just how effective the LED's are taken at nighttime.  Here are images of it in action.

As you can see, the USB light is really bright and I simply love it.  There is enough light to light up the keyboard and a good portion of the desk.  The light doesn't hurt your eyes too.  It's like a regular white light.  Simply a great product to use.  I don't have to turn on my 60 watt lamp anymore.

I like the LapWorks USB Light.  It is strong, durable and really shines bright.  The light will save you money by preventing you from the need of turning on your household light.  Also if you have a laptop computer, it will definitely be useful. 

On to the LapWorks 4-port USB Hub.  The presentation was also nice, displaying the logo and how to use the product.

The packaging is simple yet effective.

The 4-port USB hub up close

The construction of the LapWorks USB hub was solid for the most part but felt that the sides of the plastic were kind of flimsy and would happen to move.  Tightening the screws at the bottom solved the problem a little.  I decided that I would show you the internal workings of this product.

The back of the box and the specs.

As you can see from the specifications, this USB hub is only USB 1.1 compliant.  This is not a high-speed USB 2.0 hub.  To bad because all new computers and laptops are utilizing USB 2.0 and it would be nice if LapWorks can follow the trend.

It was easy to start using the USB hub.  All you really need to do is plug and use.  Upon plugging it in, Windows automatically detects a generic USB hub.  When powered, the red LED illuminates.  Hmmm...Maybe I should try a blue LED...


Testing will consist of benchmarking the USB 1.1 USBDrive and comparing it to the result in that review.

  • Before: JMTek USBDrive Professional: 21 seconds
  • After with hub: JMTek USBDrive Professional: 22 seconds

Well the hub preformed like it should have.  It was close to the result taken without using the hub.  Testing went by without a hitch.


LapWorks have brought two new products that will help people with portable laptops and people with home PC's.  The LapWorks USB Light is a nice product that helps you save money by preventing you from turning on your household lighting and the LapWorks USB hub helps people with laptops on the go who have ran out of USB ports.

The only downfall I had was that the LapWorks USB hub was only USB 1.1 complaint when today's modern PC's and laptops are all USB 2.0.

I rate the...

LapWorks USB hub a...


Pros and Cons

+ Portable and small
+ Useful when you have ran out of USB ports
- Kind of flimsy
- Only USB 1.1
- Kind of expensive at $19.95U.S.

I rate the LapWorks USB Light a...


Pros and Cons

+ Bright
+ Saves money
+ Wire is easy to position
+ Non-sagging
- Kind of expensive at $19.95U.S

I would like to thank Bill from LapWorks for providing us review units to review.  Visit for more information on pricing ($19.95U.S.) and product information.


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