Spire SoundCTRL Review


Do you strive to make your cold cathode do more than they’re supposed to? Yes, you can leave them on, but why not make them do something more unique, something cool than just always on. Well today we are going to take a look at that product. We will be taking a look at a product that chooses to change that. We are talking about the Spire SoundCTRL!

The Spire SoundCTRL is a small product add-on to your existing cold cathode or neon light that makes it react to sound, particularly bass. It arrived in perfect condition with only the unit without any fault and was ready to go.

The Spire SoundCTRL’s front panel consists of a couple of options. From left to right there is a Mic (where the sound will be picked up), Off, On, Sound CTRL, Flash (flashes your cold cathode light in 4 second intervals, and a sound sensitivity knob.

The Spire SoundCTRL is connected via 4-pin power connection and it operates by connecting in the 2-pin connectors into your cold cathode or neon light inverter. The Spire SoundCTRL has the ability to connect into two different cold cathodes because it has two, two-pin connectors.


Installation is very easy and you can do it in less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is to connect one of the 2-pin connectors into the end of your inverter. Once that is finished, you then connect the 4-pin power connector to your power supply. You are ready to rock!


Here is a movie of the Spire SoundCTRL in action. (WMP 9 required) The movie shifts between three different scenes of music. The Spire SoundCTRL was not installed inside a case.


I like the Spire SoundCTRL very much. I even call it the bass thumper! Well the unit works as advertised and does it in fine fashion. I only see one major problem with it. When it is in the case, the Spire SoundCTRL does not work that effectively sometimes because it picks up other sounds in your computer such as a hard drive.  There should be an option of placing it into a free disk bay or a free CD drive bay. That will really help the Spire SoundCTRL out by picking up the right sounds. Right now, I am figuring a way to mod this into a drive bay.

Overall, the Spire SoundCTRL is a very unique product that works great, but with one problem.

I rate the Spire SoundCTRL a…


+ Bass Thumper!
+ Works
+ Easy to install
+ Options
- Picks up different sounds in your case, should be option to install into a free drive bay

Let me thank Spire for giving up their time for us to review this. Visit Spire below for more products and information.



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