Akasa Fan Nebula Blue and Green LED Fans Review


Let me start off by thanking Adrian from Akasa for making this review possible.

Akasa is hard at work trying to fill these case fans in everyone's cases. With various colors to choose from why would anyone not want to have these fans?

As you can see, these are quite the presentation with the plastics boxes they ship in.

The differences between the Blue LED Fans and the Green LED Fans are the build difference.

The Green LED Nebula Fan are manufactured with Sleeve Bearings. The Blue LED Nebula Fans are done up with 2 Ball Bearings design. These fans are finished with a bluish colored fan structure, so it adds quite the eye candy. The Green LED Fans produce a rated airflow of 32.4 CFM's and a noise of 27.85 dBA's. The Blue LED Fans has the ability to produce up to 46.11CFM's of air @ a noise of 37.15 dBA with the help of a small potentiometer.

Both Fans come with a 3 PIN to 4 PIN fan connector. Included is a 3 PIN connection for those who like the ability to monitor their RPM's. Both fans also come with already applied Heatshrink material so cables are neat and tidy.

Enough talking and some more pictures please!

blue fan


WoW! Don't those fans look lovely when they are lit up? These case fans are great alternatives than using cold cathodes because they are very bright when used. Akasa I congratulate you on a product well done.

Final Verdict : 9/10! (Green LED's) , 9/10 (Blue LED's)

Pros and Cons


+ Quad LED's are Bright

+ Potentiometer

+ RPM Monitoring and 4 PIN connection

+ Two Ball Bearing Fan

- Loud when at full speed


+ Bright Fans

+ Quiet

- Sleeve Bearing Fan means lower life span



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