Lamps Electronics CCFL Fan Kit Review


The lighting craze has become a large competitive market. We have such things as the cold cathodes, cathodes with bubbles and now the Lamps Electronics CCFL Fan Kit. Will this be a product that you will want to get for your lighting needs?

The packaged arrived in perfect condition in a triangular rectangular box. As the package came from China, it was not damaged that much. It was covered with bubble wrapping and two blocks of Styrofoam.

The package of the Lamps Electronics CCFL Fan Kit was attractive with the logo on the top as their Lamps Electronics contact at the bottom. Flipping the package displays various colors to choose from.

What you will receive with the Lamps Electronics CCFL Fan Kit are:

  • CCFL Fan Module
  • Inverter
  • Velcro for inverter
  • Screws
  • 4-pin connector + rocker switch

Rocker Switch

Inverter's case

The inverter is opened


  • Dimensions: 84mm X 4mm - 34mm X 4mm
  • Tube Voltage: 180V-1000V
  • Average Brightness: 29000 cf/m2
  • Average Life: 30,000 hours

The unit is enclosed in a hard plastic that felt somewhat flimsy at times when you handling it. The Lamps Electronics CCFL Fan Kit measures 80mm in size and fits all 80mm fans.  The unit utilizes two cold cathode rings.

What I liked about the kit was the simple installation. You do not have to plug any connectors as the Lamps Electronics CCFL Fan Kit have already pre-connected everything for you on the circuit board.

Installation goes as follows:

1. Place the CCFL Fan kit on your 80mm fan.

2. Now place on the washers first and then the screws. Tighten.

3. You can place it anywhere you choose. To show you the brightness of the unit, I will be placing it on my table to give you an overall effect of what it offers.

lighting cathode



This unit is very bright! I was very surprised to see how bright it really is. I mean for such a small unit it’s very bright. Even the camera had some problems focusing on it at times. This thing is bright, it literally lights up a nice portion of your room. The downfall to that is that the actually CCFL kit brings heat. It is very warm after 30 minutes.



The problems I found was that the inverter brings a cable mess to your setup, the fan module is somewhat flimsy, and the CCFL runs very warm. I recommend this to be used as s side case fan so less heat can go inside your case. I’m sure that the unit will shine right in your case.


Overall, the Lamps Electronics CCFL Fan Kit definitely receives my vote for your money. If you want light, this is a great choice. A few images before we finish.



I rate the Lamps Electronics CCFL Fan Kit a…


Pros and Cons

+ Bright!!!
+ Installation
+ Lights up your room!
- Some wire mess involved
- Feels a little bit flimsy
- Adds heat

Let me thank Lamps Electronics for offering us to review this product.



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