HighSpeed PC Athlon XP Unlocking Kit Review


So you want to start overclocking on your nForce 2 motherboard right? Well there are some things you should do before overclocking. One thing to know is if your CPU is unlocked and what core it is.  I do know that if you have a Barton core or a Thoroughbred core that it is unlocked from the motherboard automatically. However, if you have a Palomino core, in my case I do, then you will need to unlock your CPU manually. So how do I do that you ask. Well today we are going to take a look at HighSpeed PC’s Athlon XP Unlocking Kit that includes everything to help you do so. It’s actually pretty easy too.

The package in an Eco-Lite Bubble wrapping envelope

The unlocking kit arrived in a corrugated brown box. Inside was the unlocking kit and printed instructions.

What you get

  • 1 vial all purpose “cleaning agent” also referred as “CA”
  • 1 vial non-conductive “gap filler (GF)”
  • 1 vial “conductive grease (CG)”
  • 1 pin applicator
  • (1) 6x Magnifying glass
  • Tape tab inserts for use of masking/cleaning methods
  • Instructions

The real deal

What you get

The vials

The magnifying glass they provide is easy to use and will help you finish the job properly. The only thing I found when using it was that when you had to place you CPU on the bottom portion of the magnifying kit and when you actually did what you had to do, the CPU would sometimes move. I would have liked a custom made bottom portion where you can place your CPU on a socket type presentation so that the CPU does not move. However, that’s just a small thing.

Using it

First you should wash your hands to prevent any unwanted materials from going on your CPU. Second of all, you have to read the instructions. Follow it here: Instructions

Some pictures I took of the process.

The Athlon XP Pally 1900+ Victim

The L1 bridges on the left


Place a piece of the tape tab to prevent anything from getting in the L3 bridges

The result, just barely not touching each other.  BTW, I actually used the magnifying glass to take this picture(s) because the cameras zoom wouldn't go that close.  Thankfully the magnifying glass kit helps.


The HighSpeed Athlon XP Unlocking Kit is awesome. The agents that they provide will last a long time and should last up to or more than 25 CPU’s. I successfully unlocked my CPU the third time. Here is proof that it is unlocked. My 1900+ multiplier is originally 12x. Here is it at 8x. You will see more of this later on a different review. There are only two main goals you want. Fill in the valleys of the L1 with the “GF”, and use the CG to close the gaps. That’s all you need to do and this makes it really easy to accomplish.

The multiplier is at 8 just to show that it works

I rate the HighSpeed PC Athlon XP Unlocking Kit a…


Pros and Cons

+ Easy to use
+ Will last a long time and use for many CPU’s
+ Cheap price
- Maybe a socket representation to put your CPU on for the magnifying glass kit

I would like to thank HighSpeed PC for making this review possible.

Pick it up and HighSpeed PC for only $11.99 U.S.



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