TR2-M3 Socket A HSF Review


Chances are most people know Thermaltake. They have been at the forefront of cooling needs for a long time. However, their products can tend to be expensive for some that would like to save some cash. That’s why Thermaltake has produced another cooling division, TR2. TR2 is a division of Thermaltake and targets users on a budget, and system builders, all with the design of the Thermaltake brand. Today we are looking at the TR2-M3 Socket A cooler.

The TR2-M3 Socket A HSF comes packaged in an attractive box with some images and specifications of the product. It came in a Thermaltake sample box via FedEx.

The front of the box

The back of it. The side has some info.

Opening the box presented me with the aluminum cooler. Do you remember when I was disappointed with how the Thermaltake Volcano 11+’s base was protected or how it wasn't? Well a plastic cap insert preventing any scratches protects the TR2-M3 HSF's base.

The cooler revealed

The plastic that protects the base


  • Fan Dimensions: 80x80x25mm
  • Fan Speed: 2500+/-10%RPM
  • Airflow: 32.4CFM
  • Noise 24dBA
  • One Ball Bearing
  • Lifetime: 40, 000 hours
  • Thermal Resistance R=0.48 °C/W

Pre-applied thermal grease

The TR2-M3 features a copper inlay insert and the base was very well done. There were some machine marks but for the most part, it was well done. TR2 has opted to pre-apply thermal grease for you. It will be replaced with Arctic Silver 3 during testing.

The inlay is screwed in

The cooler weighs in at 372g and utilizes a 80mm fan that pushes 32.4FM @ 21dBAs. Comparing the fan noise by ear between the Spire FalconRock II, the TR2-M3’s fan seems to sound louder than the Spire’s fan.

Thermaltake 3-prong clip

Nice fit

The TR2-M3 has a 3-prong clip in use that is sturdy and is a nice one to use. It has a slug where you put your flathead screwdriver in.

The fins!


As summer is approaching ambient temperatures are rising as well. Therefore, I will be trying to range the ambient temperatures between 21c-23c with the air conditioner.


TR2-M3 Results
Idle (30 mins): 36c
Load: UT 2003 (1-Hour): 42c
Toast (5 mins): 44c



The TR2-M3 cooler performs really well and I like this cooler. It has great construction, a 3-prong clip, and does cooling well of all AMD CPU's up to 3400+.

I rate the TR2-M3 Socket A cooler a...


Pros and Cons

+ 3-prong clip
+ Relatively quiet
+ Cools well
+ Thermaltake designed
+ Construction and base
- Sounds louder than stated 21dBA’s
- Base can be better; little bit rough

I'd like to thank Thermaltake's TR2 brand for making this review possible. Visit for more information on their line of products.



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