iCute 0314TL-BS Case Review


We have been reviewing iCute products for a bit now and we are impressed of what we see. Their products are quality, and are exciting. iCute has just announced their newest computer case in the competitive case market. With a market so big and filled with cases, what does iCute have to offer to users looking for a fuctional, strong and cool looking case? Today we are going over the newest case on the iCute line. The iCute 0314TL-BS Case.

A power supply is included right?  Apparently we are both wrong for assuming so...

The iCute 0314TL-BS arrived to us via DHL. First hand the box was covered with plastic and the appearance was a bit dirty and beat up a bit on the corners of the box. It weighed in at 11.7g and was quite heavy. Opening the box, I saw great protection with Styrofoam protecting the top and the bottom and extras on the side to protect the side panels. I thank iCute for taking their time in protecting all their cases. Looking at the side of the case, it says it comes with a 420W power supply. Am I correct? Well there was no power supply included with this case. Very misleading.

Laying out the iCute 0314TL-BS, I have to say I was impressed. In fact I was saying “WOW”. I’m sure most of you will say the same thing. The iCute 0314TL-BS Case looks simply different and in a very good way. The first thing you will notice is the speaker grill-like front 80mm fan. I don’t think I have seen a manufacture use speaker grill-like material for the front fan. It’s very original and does a good job in bringing cool air to the case.

The iCute 0314TL-BS is based on a steel construction that is very strong. I would like to see an Aluminum version to help decrease the weight of the case and improve cooling.

The left of the case you have a big window extending to the drive bays. The plexi-glass is sitting flat on the side panel and that is a good thing to maintain stability to the panel. The panel wasn’t flimsy at all. The iCute 0314TL-BS sports two 80mm side fans that are very quiet but pulls good amount of cool air inside the case. They are both blue LED fans as well. The side panels are removed via thumbscrews and we will go over that later.

Sitting flat

The right side of the case has an iCute logo.

The front of the case of course has that nice looking 80mm front fan. The iCute 0314TL-BS has four 5.25” drive bays and two floppy bays.

The buttons are big and there is an LED above each of them

The rear of the case sports room for one 80mm fan but I would like if they used a metal fan grill instead because the stamped fan grill impedes airflow. I recommend removing the stamped fan grill because you need the best possible air exiting your case as you have good air already coming in the case.

Rear of the case

The PCI extension slots are off breakaway manner and I would like to see re-useable PCI slot covers used.  Also the top of the case is where you have you two USB ports and a firewire port.

Lets go inside!

The inside of the iCute 0314TL-BS has good room and is easy to work with. iCute has provided two of their Aluminum HDD coolers that are already in front of the 80mm front fan. I saw a decrease in hard drive temperatures of up to 7c. The motherboard standoffs for the ATX motherboard layout are pre-applied and are ready to go. More standoffs are included with the bundle.

The front of the case has the 80mm fan slot. I like the fact that it is not covered with a fan grill and this will get the most air in effectively.

How to remove the side panel

1. Unscrew the side panel screws at the front.

There is three more screws to go

2. Instead of pulling it behind the rear of the case, you pull it out towards the front of the case.

How to install the feet

1. Position the feet into their track.

2. Place the black piece below the feet pushing upwards for it to click in.

The iCute 0314TL-BS offers you the pleasure of having a removable motherboard tray. However, this motherboard tray is the best I have seen yet having the capability of swinging like a door. All you need to do is remove the screws behind the right side panel (two screws) and remove three screws holding the tray in the case on the rear. From there you can swing the motherboard tray and can easily remove and install it back in the case. It just makes life easier if you move around stuff regularly.

The two screws holding it in

Three more screws to take out

Swing baby, swing!


Using this case was very easy and is very quick. I have had no problems with this case and love the fact that the corners of steel construction are folded so no one gets hurt.

Lighting it up!

Once everything is up and ready this is what the end result will look like.

My HDD connector on my motherboard isn't lit up.  Not the cases fault.

This case is awesome. The looks are amazing and have a blue light trend going. Even the LED’s are blue.

Miscellaneous images

Taken the front panel off.  The speaker grill look

Your instructions...I made it so you can see it properly

The paint job


The iCute 0314TL-BS case is a great case. The fact that it is sexy, and different than cases out there is a bonus. The frontal cooling is great providing you with three fans but you will have to remove the rear grill to get the most out of the cooling. The case is strong, sexy, and the case fans are quiet. However, there are always downfalls. The PCI bay brackets are break-off descent and not re-useable, the case is steel thus heavy, and the stamped rear fan grill impedes airflow. Lastly, the iCute 0314TL-BS did not come with a power supply like the box suggested. 

I am rating the iCute 0314TL-BS case a…


Pros and Cons

+ Frontal cooling
+ Construction with motherboard tray
+ Paint
+ Blue is the color of the fans and LED’s
- Break-off PCI bay covers
- Steel (not my preference, makes it heavy)
- Rear stamped fan grill
- No PSU as the box suggested

I would like to thank iCute for making this review possible.  Please visit iCute for more of their product line and information.

Alternative Pricing:

  • - $79.99 on sale (Tell them we sent you if you decide to buy) Note: Nice deal



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