SteelPad 4S Optical Mouse Pad Review


I still can’t believe the difference the right mouse pad makes to your computer experience. You have to try one out. Today we are going to look at the SteelPad 4S Optical Mouse Pad. 

sThe SteelPad 4S arrived packaged in simple brown wrapping without any protection. Since the SteelPad 4S maintains it’s rock solid construction, it will never break during shipping.

SteelPad has taken a new approach to the packaging and made it towards the gamers with in-game pictures of a few games. I noticed that the packaging was just made out of thin-like paper instead of the 3S’s cardboard packaging. It was kind of crunched up on the edges.

The SteelPad 4S now measures 290 mm x 267 mm as opposed to the 3S’s 250 mm x 235mm dimensions therefore has much larger surface area for the mouse to move around. As usual the SteelPad is made from an aluminum plate that has been transformed into a mouse pad. You can be sure that this won’t break because it’s so darn hard.

SteelPad 4S on the left and SteelPad 3S on the right

I still like the style of the SteelPad. It’s a sexy mouse pad with style. If you have a black computer scheme, then the SteelPad would make the perfect match.

Underneath the SteelPad 4S, there are eight rubber feet preventing the mouse pad from moving. The SteelPad provides the Teflon mouse skates that fit under your mouse’s feet and these are required or else there will be big noise. They also provide improved gliding and help in reducing the noise because of the aluminum surface.  All you need to do is cut the skates into small squares to go under the plastic of your mouse.


During using this mouse pad, it provided smooth tracking with no problems. As usual the Logitech MX700 is the only mouse that seems to have problems with some mouse pads and that is present with the SteelPad 4S. The Crystal mouse and my Logitech Optical Wheel mouse work flawlessly. The only downfall is some people will not like the noise that comes from the mouse pad. The mouse skates dampen the sound out but not all.

SteelPad 4S with the Logitech Optical Wheel Mice


The SteelPad 4S is a capable mouse pad that works very well with mice that are compatible to it. Some may not like the noise though.

I rate the SteelPad 4S a…


Pros and Cons

+ Sexy
+ Big surface area
+ Mouse skates included
+ Strong
- Some may not like noise
- May not work with some mice

I would like to thank Soft Trading for making this review possible. 



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