VT X-RAY Case Review


We have taken our fair share of cases around the marketplace and on Modsynergy.com. Some are unique, some have problems and of recent, some are really different from traditional beige cases. Today we are going to take a look at another unique case that I laid my eyes on and was skeptical. Let’s dive into the VT X-RAY Case!

The VT X-RAY Case arrived to Modsynergy.com via UPS and the box was heavy. It weighed in at about 20 pounds and was not really beat up or dirty. Opening the big box presented me with the actual box inside the outer box with flat cardboard pieces around it for protection.

My first impressions of this case were very positive. Right from the start, the big X in the middle struck me. The looks of this case were really cool. The mid-tower case was black in color and sported the big X door. It reminded me of my Xbox.  The door is of high quality and doesn't swing out quickly, just right.

The case has four 5.25” drive bays which two of the bays are useable while the front X is lit. If you need to use all four-drive bays, then you have the option of removing the light mechanism and use all four-drive bays.

Nice paint quality

The power button and the reset buttons are good enough for me to press without any hassle.

It's opened.  You have the microphone and headphone jacks too.  The door easily clicks in and out.  You also can see the small opening at the front for cool air to flow through.


  • MID-Tower w/ Front USB & Audio Option
  • Charcoal colour
  • Dimensions: 200 x 430x 440mm (W x H x D)
  • Drive Bays: 4 x 5.25", 1 x 3.5"
  • 400W Eagle Power Supply
  • 7 Expansion slots

As this case has a steel construction, the weight is heavy. I would have liked to see this case be an aluminum version because of better cooling properties and aluminum is as strong as steel.

The left side of the case sports a big rectangular window with a sleeve bearing 80mm Power Logic LED fan in the middle. The plexi-glass is of good quality and is sitting flat on the side panel.

I found the side panels to be easy to remove. You are going to have to bring out the screwdriver because there are no thumbscrews present.

The right side of the case has a small vent opening at the bottom of the case to let some hot air hot.

The VT X-RAY Case comes with a 400W Eagle power supply that is P4 ready. The rear of the case has room for two 80mm fans but impedes airflow because of the ample area of the stamped fans grills. You have seven PCI extension bays but these are of break-off descent and not re-usable.

What you get with this case are the following:

  • Rubber feets
  • Screws
  • Speaker
  • PCI bracket
  • Power supply cable

Inside the case

The inside of the case is relative big and is basically based on the same chassis of the Maxtop Case we reviewed a while back. Everything about it is similar. The power supply is small in size, and the case has the same type of removable motherboard tray present.


The end result when you have everything up and ready is like this:


I like the VT X-RAY Case. It’s unique and it is easy to add a system inside this case. The front X when lighted is a bonus, which adds flair to this case.

I rate the VT X-RAY Case a…


Pros and Cons

+ Front X is unique
+ Construction
+ Power supply
+ Removable motherboard tray
- No thumbscrews
- Non re-usable PCI slot bay covers
- Steel
- Heavy
- Cooling problems

Alternative Pricing

I would like to thank ISI Technologies for making this review possible.  Check out http://www.isitoday.com/ for more information on products and pricing.  If you decide to buy this case, tell them Modsynergy.com sent ye!



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