iRock! BLiNG MP3/CD Player Review


The world of audio technology has changed tremendously over the past few years. We have seen advancements over advancements. We first saw the introduction of turntables, and the evolution of the CD. Now we enter the revolution of MP3 audio.

MP3 is known as MPEG 3 Layer File, it now stands as the most widely used audio format in the world.
MP3’s are very small digital files and quality has mastered within the few years.

Today we review the iRock! BLiNG MP3 player from iRock!


iRock! is a division of FID or First International Digital Inc.

Taken from iRock’s website

About FID

"FID, or First International Digital, Inc., (, a Motorola spin-off headquartered near Chicago, is a global multimedia company with nearly 100 patents in audio, video, speech and communications technology. The company is a leading provider of multimedia software and hardware solutions, including the patented MP3iTM and maxMIDITM technologies and related hardware platforms such as digital audio players and language learning devices. FID licenses its software technology to OEM's for creating rich media experiences for entertainment and education applications. First International Digital is privately financed by a number of corporate investors including Motorola, Via Technologies, and First International Computer.”

The iRock! BLiNG plays both MP3 CDs and standard audio CDs. It has the ability to hold over 150 songs on one CD depending on file size. Pricing in at a retail price of $99.99, this MP3 Player is a steal!


• Size: 5.1" x 5.8" x 1.1"
• Weight: Approx 8 ounces (235 grams)
• Display: LCD with Electro luminescent backlight
• Audio Output (Earphone): 7mW +/- 10% @ 16 ohm load; 100Hz - 20kHz
• Audio Output (Line): 707mVrms +/- 10% @ 10k ohm load; 20Hz - 20kHz
• Battery Power: (2) 1.5V AA Alkaline or (2) 1.2V AA Rechargeable
• Battery Life: 12-15 hours (MP3 mode / 128 kbps); 8-10 hours (Audio CD mode)
• Power Adapter: Input: 110V +/- 10% (European version available); Output: 4.5V DC@ 650 ma
• File Systems Supported: CD-ROM (ISO9660), Joliet, Multisession, CD-Extra and Mixed CD
• Signal to noise ratio: > 85 db
• Total Harmonic Distortion: (@1kHz): <0.5%
• Channel Separation: >40dB
• ESP: 120 sec MP3; 45 sec Audio CD
• Audio Connector: 3.5 mm headphone jack

The iRock! BLiNG MP3 Player comes with the following:

  • The Unit
  • The remote with belt clip
  • Manual (not pictured)
  • Batteries (2AA)
  • Earbud Earphones

I like the fact that iRock offers the AC/DC Power Adaptor included. It has the ability to recharge 1.2V AA batteries. These days, many companies sell their power adaptor separately. A nice bonus from a company that values their customers. The bundle is very generous.

The manual is very well written and is very clear. This unit is basic and straightforward to operate.

The design of the BLiNG is of high quality. The buttons are neatly spread apart and the LCD screen is in the right spot. I could not find one downfall to the design and layout.

Opening the unit is just as easy. Just a push of your finger is all that is required.

Now I know you are dying to ask what the remote is for. Well the remote is for controlling most of the features of the BLiNG unit. It controls the volume, the radio, equalizer and the functions + FM radio. You connect the remote into the headphones jack and then connect your earbud earphones into the remote. That simple.

The LCD screen that you see has the capability of displaying text characters. Unfortunately, the MP3 ID Tag information is displayed only on the player itself. Can’t have best of both worlds right? Cough *iRock! * Cough!

The display was clean and very clear to see. Upon powering up the player, it displays a welcome message. Exiting the unit displays "Good bye".

To show you the thickness of this player, I will be comparing it to my old Sony CD player.

Now what can this player do?

Some features offered in the iROCK BLiNG are the following file systems supported: CD-ROM (ISO9660), Joliet, Multisession, CD-Extra and Mixed CD.

So in other words, you are set to go with this player. Regular CD’s that you can pick up at our local music store will play, and MP3 files that you can record on a blank CD will play.

One great feature is that Multi-session CD’s will play on this unit. What does this mean?
This means that if you choose to burn for example, 5 MP3 files, and listen to it one day, then burn lets say 10 more, the BLiNG! Will automatically read and play them. So you have the ability to add more songs as you go. A very excellent feature in such a value oriented player. Great job iRock!

ID3 Tags are supported. You have the ability to see the artist, song title, bit rate, and elapsed time on the LCD display. This is a wonderful feature. So you know what you are listening to!

The BLiNG! has a built-in battery re-charger with auto-switch function for quick and normal charging on 1.2AA Rechargeable batteries. Very creative idea for consumers who are money cautious. Everyone loves saving money!

The test and sound quality

The test consisted of me trying to make this player skip! In the test I preformed, shaking the player like a mad man, I was not able to make it skip! Shows you that the skip protection works wonders.

Sound quality of CD and MP3 files were where the iROCK BLiNG player excelled. The bass was very good. The bass produced a strong clean thump, thump. The clarity was top-notch. The clarity was a like champ. Another thing to point out. With the speakers plugged in (no remote in), the volume was really loud and clear. The volume is really loud. There are different equalizer options that fit all type of music. This all depends on the quality and bit-rate of the MP3 file. I suggest a minimum of 128Kbps for optimum sound quality.


I loved using this unit. The sound, the features, and the build quality were excellent. Now, the only gimmick that I’d like to see is the remote control having the ability of displaying the MP3 ID Tag info. I hope this is considered for a feature release. The remote only can say: CD, and the station on FM Mode.

Overall I have to give this iRock! BLiNG a…


Pros & Cons

+ Build Quality is superb

+ Attractive

+ Easy to use

+ Great sound quality

+ Includes AC/DC Adaptor

+ Nice Remote

+ Features, Multi-Session CD support

You can purchase it on the iRock website. They have a sale going on for one of these MP3 units for $89.99 U.S., so make sure you pick one up! This is one heck of a deal! Click HERE



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