WindowBlinds 4.0 Review


Want to put a theme based on your favorite character, etc on your computer? Are you tired of the basic Windows look? Like the MacOS X look? Well Stardock has invented a way to spice up your computer theme on the Windows platform. It’s called Window Blinds 4.0 and its being reviewed today.

WindowBlinds 4.0 is a new release of the already popular Windows-skinner. What WindowBlinds 4.0 can do for you is amazing. You can download themes to change how Windows looks (the GUI interface is changed). Things such as toolbars, scroll bars, and Start bar can be skinned with the theme you choose to use. There are plethora of skins to choose from and is growing in size each day. The thing that is very cool about WindowBlinds is that it’s totally easy to use. It doesn’t require you to be a genius.

The installation CD Menu

When you do install it and have it ready to go, from your Display Properties, “Appearance tab”, you have the WindowBlinds skinner integrated in the pop up menu. You can then apply the changes and voila! Your desktop is now what you want it to be. There are many options in the configuration menu. You can tweak basic options that allow you to choose what to skin, font and so forth. The configuration menu is where all your options are.

Here is where you can choose the skins

What I like about this program is the ease of use and stability. I have used this for over a week and have never experienced anything abnormal or errors. Performance is also unchanged and feels the same as before because Stardock has optimized WindowBlinds to not eat up system resources. 

How do you download new skins you ask?  Simple.  Go to the skins page and download the ones you want and it automatically installs itself for you to use instantly.

Here are some examples of skins.

If you are looking to spice up your old, bland Windows desktop, this is the program to purchase…Period. Once you install it, you are going to be hooked on it. WindowBlinds can be purchased on its own for only $19.99U.S. Or can be apart of Object Desktop which has even more programs to help change icons, morph windows, etc.

I rate WindowBlinds 4.0 a…


+ It's cool
+ Stable
+ Tons of skins to choose from
+ Easy to use
+ Little or unnoticeable performance decrease

If you want to purchase, please go to Stardock for more information on products and purchasing.  Update: The version here is basically 4.X.  There will be updates along the way like 4.1, 4.2, etc. This is 4.X.

I would like to thank Stardock and Elizabeth for making this review possible.



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