A+GPB A-AP107 Case Review


Today we take a review of another case from the A+GPB line and see if it’s any good. Featuring a funky look, will the A+GPB A-AP107 Case perform any good?

The A+GPB A-AP107 arrived to us via UPS. However the side of the case box had a big hole in it. Doesn’t look good at all.


  • Main Board Type ATX/ MICRO ATX/ AT/ P4
  • Case Type MIDDLE W/USB 2.0 & AUDIO
  • Driver Space 5.25' External 4
  • Driver Space 3.50' External 2
  • Driver Space 3.50' internal 4
  • Expansion Slots 7
  • Power Type PSII/PSIII / P4ATX400W (A+GPB Single fan)
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 200x430x440mm(KAL)

The A+GPB A-AP107 looks very unique up front with four blue LED’s. It handles four 5.25” bays and two 3.25” bays. The paint quality of the case is excellent. The power button also lights up.


Sitting flat on the side

Remember the box? Well here is the side of the case. See something missing? The plexi-glass is cracked and the side panel is somewhat bent. The packaging had foam at the top and bottom but none on the sides. Looks like I have bad luck with A+GPB cases. The side of the case features a side window with a Tri-LED fan on the plexi. The plexi-glass is sitting flat on the panel but unfortunately it cracked.


The rear of the case has room for two 80mm fans and includes 400W PSU that is similar to the one in the Maxtop case. The extension bays are of break off descent but there are three non-break off ones in the package. The bundle has replacement covers, rubber feet and a speaker.

Eagle PSU


Frontal cooling - stamped fan grills stink and mobo tray

The right side has a vent

Inside of the case looks very similar to the Maxtop chassis. I conclude that it is the same one thus has the same qualities. There is good amount of space to work with and has a removable motherboard tray to make installation even easier. Refer to the Maxtop Case review for more thoughts on the chassis.


Paint is nice

The A+GPB A-AP107 is a good case. The LED’s make it attractive and the chassis is very good. It even comes with a removable motherboard tray and 400W PSU.

I rate the A+GPB A-AP107 a…


Pros and Cons

+ Paint Quality
+ Proven chassis
+ Lights!
- Break off PCI bay covers
- Side is busted
- Cooling blocked by stamped grills

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