Eumax Fold3000B Flexible Keyboard Review


If you ever go to LAN events you know the hassle of lugging all the computer components with you. It makes everything heavier than it already is. Most noticeably you don’t want to look like a fool lugging your heavy keyboard along with you. That’s where Eumax comes in. We are review the Eumax FOLD3000B Foldable Keyboard that sells.

The Eumax foldable keyboard is unique because it is able to fold without breaking.

The Eumax Foldable keyboard comes in a plastic packaging. On the rear has a picture of the keyboard and inside has some specifications.


  • Sealed design for preventing fluid, dirt, grime, acid, etc
  • Water resistant, foldable, portable and washable
  • Dimension: 475(L) x 155(W) x 14(H) mm
  • Weight: 220 g ± 10g
  • Color: Translucent blue, red, purple, orange, or green
  • PS/2 and USB available
  • Switch life: 10 million life cycles
  • Operating humidity: -20° C - 50° C
  • Operating temperature: -36° C - 165° C
  • Demattia flexing: 150,000 cycles non-damaged
  • 100% compatible with Win95/98/ME/NT/2000 and Office 97/2000
  • FCC, CE, CNS, VCCI, EMI, AUSTEL, Windows Logo approved

The keyboard we are reviewing today is the blue version. sells the white version as well. The foldable keyboard is USB powered but unfortunately doesn’t come with a USB to PS/2 adaptor.  However, Iocombo does have the PS/2 version.

Looks cool doesn't it?

The keyboard features an outer plastic covering that is also waterproof, which is really convenient in LAN where you always have soft drinks lying around your computer. The keyboard is a bit see-through and when you flip it you can see the internal workings of this flexible PCB. The buttons have small relatively hard plastic inserts so that you can press down perfectly to execute the command. At the top right, it features the green LED’s, which control the CAPS, Scroll Lock and Num Lock functions. Blue would have been cool, but it’s okay. The overall fit and finish of the keyboard looks top-notch. The plastic over the USB wire looks like everything is sealed and should be waterproofed.

How flexible is it?

LAN goers, this should be on your list of things to buy. Period. The keyboard is light and flexible. You can fold it; roll it up or anything else. Nothing will be broken. I actually poured a little water on the keyboard area to see if it would work after and I’m happy to report it works.

Fold it!



The foldable keyboard works like any other keyboard. Although it doesn’t have any of those easy access keys it does have the sleep, wake up, and power easy access keys. It has a sponge-like feel due to the plastic covering. It shouldn’t take too long to get used to it. The buttons aren’t too small to press which is a good thing. However, if you have big fingers then it could be a problem. The keyboard is solid overall. What would have been cool if it had a backlight, but that’s just wishful thinking?


The Eumax Fold3000B foldable keyboard works and works very well. It’s light and will help going to LAN events a bit easier on you.

I rate it a…


Pros and Cons

+ Cool looking
+ Foldable and flexible
+ Waterproof
- No USB to PS/2 adaptor
- Backlight would have been cool
- Buttons may be too small for some

I would like to thank Iocombo for making this review possible.  Visit here to purchase the Eumax Fold3000B or the variations.  They go for $24U.S.  Visit Iocombo as a whole for great prices on various products.



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