Stardock Keyboard LaunchPad Review


If you are ever using your mouse while working on applications you know the importance of shortcuts. Shortcuts save time when you need to do the things you need to do fast and efficiently. Same thing that goes if you ever used shortcut keys on any Logitech keyboard. Those easy access keys require just a touch of a button to open the Internet browser, or what not. What if you want to make a shortcut to one of your favorite sites such as but don’t want to type it in. Well then, take a look at the Stardock Keyboard LaunchPad (KLP) application we are reviewing today.

Installation is easy; just install

KLP allows you to assign hot-keys to virtually any application. Or command on your computer. These extend from opening up programs, visiting URL’s, and ejecting/closing your optical drive but with only your keyboard. If you work in Photoshop, you can assign a hotkey to one of your favorite filters such as blur. This evidently saves your time and allows you to work faster.

The configuration menu

If you want to open a set of images but don’t want to browse through the root folders and open it, then you can use a hotkey to open it. Find the image you want to open with a hotkey and drag it to the KLP configuration menu. It’s that easy.

Assigning the hotkeys

KLP not only works for just about anything but it works no matter what program is opened. So for example if you have 3D Studio Max opened and want to open WMP to play your MP3’s, then KLP lets you do that. And when you are working and want to raise/decrease the volume, you don’t have to use your mouse, just use the assigned hotkey of your choice (i.e. Ctrl+J) and enjoy working faster.

The many things you can do

The KLP also has many more commands and tasks that are built in. All you have to do is select it. There are commands such as logging off, shutting down the computer, emptying the recycle bin, and more. You can also print out your hotkeys so you don’t forget what hotkey is for what.

Assigning the task of opening with the Hotkey: Control+F

If you want to play your music when you are playing a game, then you have to create a play list. Locate the play list and drag it to the menu of KLP and assign a hotkey. This is useful whenever I am playing a game and getting bored of the games music.

KLP is a small yet useful program. KLP doesn’t hog big amounts of resources and that is a plus. If you want a program that can allow you to work faster and have many choices of assigning hotkeys, then check out KLP from Stardock. It goes for $9.95 standalone or it is apart of the Object Desktop bundle for $49.95. Do I think it is worth $9.95? Yes and no. Although it is a good program, it should be about $5U.S. The program is simple and doesn’t justify $9.95. It also depends on if you need it.  Buy it here.

I rate the Stardock Keyboard LaunchPad a…


Pros and Cons

+ Useful
+ Assign hotkeys to just about anything
- Price should be lower; simple program



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